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Back Stage Pass

Going to the Ukraine for me now is bit like going home, but my destination for the first time was somewhere new and with a reputation for adventure and excitement.

Luba and I took off from Kiev under a sparkling blue sky that filled us with high hopes and great enthusiasm. We were on our way to the Crimea to savour the hot days of summer with its long beaches, warm sea and sexy girls.

The first leg of the journey was by air to Simferopol, and then a two hour drive over a bumpy road to Yalta in a twenty year old Lada provided by our hotel. I couldn't help smiling as I looked back with a clear memory to being picked up in a Rolls Royce at the airport on our recent trip to Dubai. Life is about contrast isn't it?

We had timed our arrival in Yalta to coincide with Yalta Day and its celebrated Miss Yalta Competition – there are lots of beauty competitions, but this is the competition and, naturally, it is as hard to get a backstage pass for the show as it is to get a live interview with Michael Jackson or a ticket for the European Cup Final. But we had come too far to fail at the last hurdle. Luba flirted outrageously with the press attaché and, after I flashed my big camera, we finally got these gold dust passes and, boy, was it worth it.

No boasting here, but I immediately picked out the winner and stuck with her for the duration of the competition, getting real close and getting some candid shots that are natural and très sexy. As you can see from the Day 1 photos, this is as good as it gets: #Alexandra doing the splits in her little white mini skirt, #some eye-tingling up the skirt snaps of her doing the cancan on stage, #intimate studies of her in her skin-tight-next-to-nothing golden bathing suit, #Alexandra's sister oiling her legs...and don't even wish or pray for more because she is too young to become a Hegre Girl. So, here's all the news that's fit to print, a backstage documentary CNN could never show: Alexandra, the official Miss Yalta 2004.

From Yalta, Crimea,

Petter Hegre reporting.

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NB! Please note that images and films presented here are not representative of the technical quality
of Hegre-Art.com. Travel photos and film clips are made with a "point and shoot" compact camera only.
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Visitors' Comments

Yet again
Hi team how are you all. Love the series yet again. It was great to see Loli again I have been awaiting her eyes and beautiful body to light up my screen yet again. She still seem to be shy behinh your camera Petter. do you have any other pictures of her and when will you next shoot her, tell her she has a fan in Australia. Keep up the excellent work. Regards and best wishes Giann
this site makes me relax and feel like am in a world of discovery.
long leg so sexy
good good good
contact with you
Hello! I am Mr.Lee,live in korea. I thank for weekly your mail. Sometimes I became to your site pen. I want to see Miss Yalta 2004 Show. Please quickly!!! I will your reply. Bye.
Love Yalta . you are so right hope you went on the trail to what they call it " The New World " also hope you visited the castel there see the musem
Yalta's number one
Yalta's girl number one realy is number one! Well spotted. My god! It's enough to make a grown man weap!
Alexandra Miss Yalta 2004
Way to go, Petter! You certainly have the eye for spotting the ultimate contestant at the Miss Yalta Competition. Alexandra is stunning! Thanks for making the effort to capture this beauty for us to look at. Too young to be a Hegre girl you say. Pity. Keep tabs on her for her 18th birthday. The photos would be nothing short of a miracle. Keep up the great work! Phil Hilden
need to have contact dear!
impressed with the amazing and nice buts
Yalta NOW in 2008
I am sorry to inform you that Yalta has made a 180 degrees turn from the time you last visited in 2004. The women, some of them stunning, are very unfriendly and hostile to visitors (and I am trying to be very polite in describing them).

It is interesting to read your description of men hunting women (you called them gazelles) on the beach. It is nothing like this today. You will not spot any men hunting on the beach. They may try it once. The reaction they get from women is enough to demoralize the stongest men and get them packing back home, all depressed.

Keep up the good work and hopefully you will travel further east to places like Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Azerbajan and post photos of what these women look like. Thanks.
I agree with you Petter. "Look at that ass". Amazing!!
Your work
Your work is outstanding! A new fan.
Last images April
Unbelieveable quality, serious job, touches of romatic, fine art............overwhelmed and thankful. Happy Easter!
congrats team hegre on yet another piece of captured beauty
very beautiful
About Crimea
Facts about Yalta - Living History

At Hegre-Art we like to explore new destinations and feel proud to be among the first to discover the marvels of Crimea with its stunning scenery and a rugged, time sculptured coast on the far side of the Black Sea from Turkey. The sea is surrounded by white peaked mountains and is so warm the coastal resorts were a favourite summer escape of the Russian tsars and it is hardly surprising that it is known today as the Black Sea Riviera.

Greeks founded cities along the coast and you can explore ancient ruins that are little changed since the silk traders passed through this way on their long journeys from China to Venice. When you get bored with history, there's plenty of diversions, scuba diving, chic sexy restaurants and, of course, the chicest, sexiest girls in the world.

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