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A Weekend in St. Tropez

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Once an overlooked speck of an island along the European coastline; St. Tropez has become the see all and end all of summer vacation spots for those wanting to live the ultimate lifestyle at least for a little while.

Our Destination
Map of A Weekend in St. Tropez

France is nestled at the heart of Europe between Italy and Spain, just south of England, and bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The country has long been the trend setter to all of Europe!

Contrary to appearances, the life of an internationally famous nude photographer can be tough. So when Petter Hegre decided it was time to head off on vacation with his lovely wife Luba, St. Tropez became the logical choice. This is a magical place where one must look their best even when doing nothing at all. Of course, when you tell that to Luba she cant help but smile a little bit. She tends to look gorgeous no matter what shes doing anyway.

When youve got photography in your blood like Petter Hegre, its only natural that one would take his camera along; even if you arent planning on holding any casting sessions or doing any major photo shoots. With no agenda he is free to shoot at his leisure, creating an intimate look at an island where the local lifestyle is the stuff fantasies are made of.

So come along and get swept up in the glitter and glamour of St. Tropez!

Around The World
Around The World

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