Return to Tuscany

Magic in the Making

When Petter Hegre produced the Villa Mangiacane 2006 Calendar we had no idea it was going to be so popular. We are always trying to break new ground at Hegre-Art, but the call of the past can be just like a magnet that draws you back to retrace your footsteps.

Our Destination
Map of Return to Tuscany

Although influential since the time of the Romans, Italy comprised a dozen city states that were almost permanently at war and was united as one nation in 1861.

For good reason, the inhabitants today call it "il Belpaese" the beautiful country.

AT THE VILLA MANGIACANE, every wall and arch, every spire and cupola breathes charm and sensuality, the carvings and ornamentation the ultimate contrast with the pure lines and perfect sculptures of today's new nude, that rare blend of the mediaeval and ultra-modern.

After the usual round of castings, Hegre chose models from Milan, Marseille and Prague and set out for what would be the second of three sessions he required to complete the 2007 calendar.

The Villa Mangiacane sits among the vineyards of the Arno Valley in the heart of Tuscany's Chianti region. In the distance you can see like a pastel drawing the city of Florence, the Dome of the Cathedral and Giottos Bell Tower looming above the modern buildings.

The atmosphere of intrigue at this 15th century grand palazzo is inspired no doubt by the ghost of Niccolo Machiavelli. It was here, that he is thought to have written his masterpiece The Prince, a slender volume the rich and powerful are still reading 400 years later.

Around The World
Around The World

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