Modern Renaissance

When travelers report on their journeys in Tuscany they can't resist long appraisals of its architectural heritage, its history and culture. And who could blame them? Tuscany is a visual feast that never gets old.

Our Destination

At the southern tip of Europe, Italy is a long peninsula that stretches into the Mediterranean Sea. It boasts a large population of over 58 million.

Rich in history it is one of the worlds oldest established nations.

All this is very interesting, but on a deeper, more sensual level, Tuscany isn't so much its monuments and history but what the present has to offer. Tuscany is the great seducer, the colors of the landscape, the tang of the air, the exquisite flavors of Italian cuisine, combining to give mankind a glimpse of paradise. It is a place where one could easily loose himself, swimming among its beauty and splendor.

Tuscany has been calling artists for centuries and our intrepid Petter Hegre set out with Luba to bring back his own exclusive report using the modern brush of photography to paint these eternal locations. It is like adding a new chapter into the history of world visual culture with his historic place; a chapter filled with remarkable women and great adventures.

The beauty and majesty of Italy wait for you to discover!

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Around The World

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