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Forging New Ground

The streets of Kiev were jam-packed with people screaming two words: Yushenko TAK!!! Yushenko TAK!!! Yushenko TAK!!! It was surreal, it was full of energy, it was most certainly alive.

Our Destination

The Ukraine rests at the center of several countries in Eastern Europe; bordering the black sea there is Poland and Romania in the west and Russia in the East.

Diversity and Strength remain at the countries core.

Yushenko YES!!! The people of the Ukraine had chosen their President in fair and free elections. They had finally beaten the crooked system, stood up for their rights and raising their voices to the world. What a drama. Corruption, election fraud, toxic poison; the people taking over the main street in Kiev with their orange flags and orange clothes. And that's where they intend to stay, occupying the streets, until the new president is officially announced.

Petter Hegre is in Kiev with Luba to see in the New Year with her family and watch all the street action first hand. Our intrepid photographer will be continuing his quest to bring back to Hegre-Art the most beautiful girls on the planet. With the sudden burst of freedom on everyones mind there should be plenty of girls willing to shed their clothes for the sake of a little rebellion from within. A little revolution now and then is a healthy thing after all.

Long live freedom!

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Around The World

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