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Ito Profile

Name: Ito
Country: Japan
Weight: 54kg
Height: 167cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

Slender and Silky

This Tokyo girl-next-door does soft nudes for select clients. She went a bit further for us.

Cute, athletic Ito is inspired by manga, and with great big eyes like that she’s almost an anime character herself! She’s also tall, slender, and elegant - perfect for her work as a professional fashion model. You can already see how beautiful her proportions are.

When we saw that smile we knew we had to take her photograph. Just look at those Dimples! A breath of fresh air in the pages of Japanese fashion magazines, and now, here, on Hegre-Art.

If you think sexy Ito would be a lot of fun, you would be right!

Ito Yurie red and gold January 14th, 2011
high time for an Ito video
Awesome Girl
I really want to see her in a massage movie, she's absolutely awesome.
Excellent! Delightful tease rewarded with her lovely cunt lips proudly shown! Good girl Ito for taking your panties off! Patience gents. Next series perhaps we will be treated to her butt! Thank you again dear Ito!
itu is sexy
itu is sexy
This girl is a living doll. Absolutely flawless. She's just so smooth and creamy and utterly sexy. Beautiful work here.
Very sweet girl
more about her, please. She is very lovely.
I love the female derriere too. Maybe Hegre as saved this for part two :)
Ito...What a Beauty
This is a very lovely sexy looking girl. Fantastic body. Plus Ito loves to smile, and that makes a fantastic difference to the quality of the pictures. Now this is one girl that I would like to be in heaven with. Hope to see a lot more of her.
No Butts!
Good point! I'm beginning to think that Petter is not a fan of the female bottom! :O
Lovely! Love the setting...love the girl! (only missing a butt shot!lol)
Wonderful body. Beautiful setting. Very sexy! :)
Oh my!
All I can say is, what an adorable, cute, sexy creature. Ito is simply heavenly.