It’s every man’s dream.

It’s every man’s dream. 21.10.14

We all want to get a glimpse of a hot girl taking a shower. And what could be hotter than grabbing this sneaky look and then witnessing her pleasuring herself intensively with the showerhead? More

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Specials >> Blindfolded and eager to explore

Blindfolded and eager to explore 08.08.14

Her friends talked about it, she’d seen it on TV, but she’d never before tried to pleasure herself. She decided that today was going to be the day. More

The Sensual World of TANTRA MASSAGE. Barcelona, Spain
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Watch this mouth-watering mermaid 14.10.14

Watch this mouth-watering mermaid

Stories of mermaids have been told for thousands of years. Sailors believed these mythical creatures would appear during times of crisis and had the power to save or sink ships. More

Natural intimacy 07.10.14

Natural intimacy

Emily is a special girl. She has a natural beauty; there is no doubt about that. More

Sun-kissed Californian beauty 08.09.14

Sun-kissed Californian beauty

The creative force behind Hegre-Art, Petter Hegre, has moved to Malibu, California. And, in true Petter style, he has wasted no time in bagging his first local catch. More

Fashion’s loss is your gain! 01.09.14

Fashion’s loss is your gain!

The product of two very different countries, Canada and Egypt, Kasia has stunning features and gorgeous skin tones. She is a girl you could get lost in, a girl you could run away with on the adventure of your life. More

You are what you eat 16.08.14

You are what you eat

Our latest Hegre-Art model, Marcelina, is obsessed – with food. She puts nothing bad in her mouth. More

Stunning skater girl 06.08.14

Stunning skater girl

You might think of figure skating as a soft and easy sport, basically a bit of dancing on ice. Well, you try gliding at frightening speed across rock hard ice, planting you skate into the ice and propelling your body metres into the air, and then landing again on one single blade. More

Your fantasy vacation – travel with Petter and the models!

Ball skills that will make you dribble 01.08.14

Ever wondered how our gorgeous Hegre-Art models stay in such great shape? 29.07.14

It’s One Big Sexy Apple 24.07.14

The most beautiful girl in the universe? 02.07.14

The beauty secret she doesn’t want you to know 01.07.14

The benefits of penis massage 17.06.14

Peace on earth, one massage at a time… 27.05.14

Faster. Higher. Stronger. Sexier! 27.05.14

A quiet roar, but she’ll make you purr! 17.05.14

May Model Mania @ Hegre-Art! 15.05.14

Slow motion beautiful fun 13.05.14

Master the genital massage (and become a legend) 06.05.14

Beware of the gypsy magic 03.05.14

Worship her scared sexual space 23.04.14

Uncomplicated orgasmic perfection 08.04.14

Six days of heaven 02.04.14

Get wet backstage with Victoria 01.04.14

You’ve got all the time in the world 26.03.14

Lights, camera, action! 18.03.14

Multiple magical self-love 11.03.14

A work of erotic art 04.03.14

A master of his member 18.02.14

Vaginal Massage, Orgasmic Face 11.02.14

Spectacular Sexy Shopping Spree 04.02.14

What would erotic Gladiator look like? 28.01.14

The female flame will melt you 21.01.14

Physical prowess and sexual appetite 14.01.14

Get clean, while getting dirty! 07.01.14

Multiple Electric Orgasm Massage 24.12.13

Put this on your Christmas list 10.12.13

Relentless Orgasmic Marathon 01.12.13

Your Black Friday just got brighter… 29.11.13

A model orgasm 27.11.13

100 erotic masterpieces – just for you! 10.11.13

The Art of Arousal 29.10.13

Our latest and possibly greatest body! 06.10.13

Don’t Miss Emily and Milena 02.10.13

Capturing Human Beauty 10.09.13

Who do you thank for Melinda? 09.09.13

Melt in Your Mouth Milena 04.09.13

Midnight Temptation in Paris 03.09.13

Enticing Enchanting Emily 27.08.13

Emily + You + Webcams = Sexual Heaven 26.08.13

Don’t miss Flora losing control 21.08.13

11 Years Online and Over 1 Million Members Served! 16.08.13

Eager for someone like you 14.08.13

When two hands are just not enough 07.08.13

Meet our models (in the flesh) 03.08.13

Lingam Massage – The Art of Penis Pleasuring 26.07.13

Hegre-Art’s Most Explicit Movie Ever 17.07.13

New models-to-be 15.06.13

Star name 07.06.13

Introducing new model Rufina 24.05.13

Introducing new model Shako 19.05.13

Introducing new model Emily 15.05.13

Introducing new model Ksenia 06.05.13

Leading lady 03.03.13

For the one you love! 14.02.13

T-hai fashion 26.12.12

Red Hot Ecards. Christmas is Coming! 23.12.12

Introducing new model Tigra 15.12.12

Kitten with claws 14.12.12

Erotica in the palm of your hand 02.11.12

Alya returns... Behind the camera! 01.11.12

Pamela plays around 06.10.12

Paris, Milan – now Barcelona and 26.09.12

Looks good. Tastes good. Sounds good! 25.09.12

Lucky break 23.08.12

Introducing Coxy 03.08.12

Our kick-ass team from!!! 01.07.12

Introducing new LiveCam model Pamela 25.05.12

The weekend starts here! 25.05.12

Tonight’s the night 17.02.12

Clover and Clover again 12.02.12

Last Chance: ACT NOW! 31.01.12

Wild Girl - Girl Show Tonight with Kiki and Engelie! 30.01.12

Welcome Mirabell 27.01.12

Introducing New Model Mercedes 16.01.12

Dominika C on your webcam! 13.01.12

Luba’s back again! 12.12.11

A Perfect 10 01.12.11

From Russia with lust 18.11.11

It’s Super Webcam Weekend again! 03.11.11

Introducing new model Maya 10.10.11

Get ready for Agnes! 09.10.11

Nude Photography Workshop: Last minute chance! 07.10.11

Wild Webcam Weekend - CUM WITH US!! 30.09.11

Introducing new model Caprice 27.09.11

3000 Galleries on! 23.09.11

Introducing Kiki - Smart, sexy and stylish 09.09.11

Introducing new model Ryonen 12.08.11

New Model Nikola 05.08.11

Introducing Monroe 19.07.11

Here comes Alona - Fresh as a sea breeze 09.07.11

Introducing New Model Tereza 24.06.11

Live webcams from Hegre-Art 08.06.11

Make this your Tantra summer! 06.06.11

Petter directs heavy metal music video 10.05.11

Lynn - Our newest Mauritian find 04.05.11

Both sides of the picture 20.04.11

Valerie introduces us to her homeland - Mauritius 08.04.11

Tantric Goddess wanted 08.04.11

Introducing Chiaki - The Girl Next Door 04.03.11

Introducing Reina 28.02.11

En Addition 21.02.11

Breaking News: Second chance. 15.02.11

Hot from Moscow 14.02.11

Learn Tantric Arts 01.02.11

Bringing it all back home 28.01.11

Meet Saki, our new Japanese friend. 27.01.11

Here comes Anri, our little Japanese model. 23.01.11

Say hello to Valerie 16.01.11

Big Anime Eyes 14.01.11

Steaming Hot J-Girl 13.01.11

Welcome along Iriska 09.01.11

Say hello to Rie! 07.01.11

Meet our new model Miri - Angel of Tokyo 05.01.11

Tokyo Exposed 01.01.11

Introducing Mayuko 30.12.10

Returning to the Temple 27.12.10

Inside Hegre >> Want to take a REAL CLOSE look..?

Want to take a REAL CLOSE look..?

We are putting the mega into megapixels. Now you can have an amazing 80 megapixels picture quality. More

Your fantasy vacation – travel with Petter and the models!

Your fantasy vacation – travel with Petter and the models!

Are you interested in photography?And like naked girls? More

Know The Perfect Hegre-Girl?

Know The Perfect Hegre-Girl?

Find a model we choose, and get a $500 finder’s fee for yourself. More

The 10 Hottest Ukrainian Women…

The 10 Hottest Ukrainian Women…

…and Luba’s on the list! More

Tantra News >> Make a Journey that will change your life

Make a Journey that will change your life

Hello everybody! Welcome to the world within you. More

Spring and Fabi invite you trough Tantra

Spring and Fabi invite you trough Tantra

Greetings to you all! At last it is Springtime. More

The Power of Tantra on old taboos
The way to winter warmth

The way to winter warmth

Hello dear souls everywhere More

Spring to life with Tantra!

Spring to life with Tantra!

Do you sometimes feel that you are missing something in your life? Or wonder where your “get up and go” has gone? More

Meet Fabi. Our new Tantra Touch Therapist!

Meet Fabi. Our new Tantra Touch Therapist!

Our new Tantric Touch therapist is Fabi. She is skilled in many healing arts. More

Zana is leaving soon

Zana is leaving soon

It’s a pleasure to tell you that Zana is available for Tantra sessions in Sitges, Spain from Thursday 16th February through Monday 20th February. It’s still possible to http://www. More

A Tantric Temple in your home

A Tantric Temple in your home

It’s another first for Hegre-Art. Yanka - our new Tantra goddess – can be present with you via webcam in your own private space. More

Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Touch Workshop 14-15 January 2012
Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Touch Workshop

Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Touch Workshop

Sitges, Barcelona, Spain 12-13 November 2011 More

Hegre Workshop News >> Dominika. An invitation from her own lips

Dominika. An invitation from her own lips

Your dream is within your grasp. Dominika wants to reach out to her fans all over the world. More

Time for sharing and caring

Time for sharing and caring

We've now had our very first Workshop on “The Art of Nude Photography” and what an experience it was! All of us on the team found it a very rewarding event. More