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Anna S

Anna S Profile

Anna S
Name: Anna S
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 48kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student/Model

Quietly Confident

Theres no two ways about it Anna is a stunning beauty whose looks will open many doors for her in life.

With delicate features reminiscent of the most beautiful porcelain doll, Anna is a girl of few words. However being quiet does not necessarily equal being shy as Petter found out during their first photo session together.

Anna is the kind of girl who is perfectly comfortable being photographed naked and is unafraid to show off all the glory she was born with. And glorious she is - with a tiny body that is blessed with the trademark full breasts that have made Ukrainian girls sought after in the world of beauty.

Anna only started modeling recently but with her combination of stunning looks, perfect body and quiet self-belief we think youll definitely be seeing her again!

Anna S Studio Session October 2nd, 2012
I'm afraid the video is a torture for photosensitive people
Anna S Studio Session
Tan lines and shoes (what is it with you and shoes?), and the vertiginous editing don't make this a classic shoot. You wouldn't let Emily get tan lines, would you (Just imagine the rumpus that would cause!)? Art, please, not tabloid porn!
Beautiful but---
Loved this movie but for me was spoilt by all quick scene editing which made me dizzy. Beautiful girl spoilt by the constant quick changes. Would have been great apart from that.
u r the best Anna!
u r the best
Fantastic! Anna is so hot! Great to see her back again!
anna s
Oh, how I have missed Anna!!!
RE: Anna on the ball
luba on the ball!nice thought!
Anna ,next Luba & Yanna? I ain't too proud to beg
RE: Anna on the ball
& Yanna, definitely why do these women ever have to wear shoes?
What a face! What a body! What a delight! It is so good to have you back. To discover the video and to find out that it most certainly is genuinely new footage really made me happy. I hope you're back for good.
Anna on the ball
You gave us back the princess, give us back Queen Luba and our year will be complete.
Oh!Hello Ms S! lovely to see you again! I've missed you so! I love that you went au naturale in the face in this! super hot video! especially the ant's eye view shots (from the ground up)! one little criticism. anyone else annoyed by the logo ssuddenly poping up in the middle if the screen? any reason the one in the corner isnt enough?just sayin...
Anna S
Where have you been Anna ? I've missed you.
Re: Leather trousers
I agree about the leather idea. It would be fantastic if it had Anna with one of the other girls too.
Wow,what a big surprise! the gorgeous Anna S is back, I just love her so much, a Hegre-art without Anna S is totally incomplete, please give us more of this goddess.
Giant ball
Lots of great shots of Anna. My favourites were her doing her thing with the giant ball.
Leather trousers
Anna looks so good in those leather trousers. I would like to see a whole movie just made about them. How about it?
Happy to see Anna back: une vrai déesse
Classic strip
You can’t beat a classic strip tease for entertainment. Anna makes it into an art form.
More pussy
After all the build-up I think there should have been more of her lovely pussy at the end.
Anna S Massage Socks November 29th, 2011
Good video.
My note to model and 5. very beautiful and she deserved a 10 More because she has that much harm meche shows her body she already otherwise; too bad that! Could focus more on the private parts and the video not be jumping from sena, oh yes would note 1000
Simple but very beautiful and erotic !
Hot Anna
This is the best video on the website I've seen, we definitely need more Anna videos like this one, she is unbelievably beautiful. She looks sexier than ever in this one, maybe it's less eyeliner/makeup, she looks so great. The video is fun, creative, super sexy, and you get some great close up shots of her sweet spots, although never enough. Let's get her back for more, pay her whatever she wants!
What will take to get more and more of Anna. I am serious here ..Not joking..Please ..Pleas...Pleas..Plea...Ple..Pl.P....
Sometimes a model has one film that makes all of her other ones surplus to requirements: Vika Gets Oiled, Evi Slippery, Thea Visiting Maitresse Cindy. Some beautiful models never quite work in video. Others rarely make a bad film, making it impossible to pick just one: Yanna, Dominika C, Valerie. Anna S is, for me, the most beautiful woman on this site, and she's always been in the latter category. This film almost changes that. There are too many amazing shots in too many of her other films (e.g. walking out of the sea in Anna S Naturist, one particular pussy shot in Anna Sensual Massage) for them ever all to be overridden by one film. But this film is amazing. And while most of that is obviously thanks to Anna, it can't just be due to her because she's in those other films too - and this film's amazing. So thanks for whatever it is that this film has and the others don't. Is there any chance that the films will be made available in the higher resolution used in the massages? And if you're ever going back to Maitresse Cindy's, could you take Anna S with you?
Anna is simply the most beautiful woman in the entire realm of erotica. Her beauty is classic, flawless, incomparable. Her every gesture is a symphony. She is a goddess, and I worship her.
Vulnerable beauty...
Anna is the best no doubt..What She have is vulnerable beauty.. I would like to see clothed Anna video.. Please if you can...
Wow, that was simply incredible. Great editing. Really got my heart pumping.
Anna S Socks video
My Compliments on both the quality of editing and the use of music. In this video and a recent one of a lovely young woman on a nude beach, the artist has managed to transport the viewer to a space that is not merely erotic. Unique in special ways. I believe this form of art may never gain the acceptance of less sexually engrained work but it explores areas that need exploring. In the close ups of Anna as she looks at the camera the dynamic of the model, photographer and ultimately the viewer are clearly confronted. Anna becomes sexually aroused by her proximity to the artist and also by her power over the viewer.
RE: How about Anna_S.com?
I think that would be up to anna!lol
must say I was pleasantly surprised!thought it was gonna be super corny!
How about Anna_S.com?
You must start a new site dedicated to Anna only. Your recent negligence of the queen of all artistic nude websites is hardly bearable! How is her career developing anyway? I take it you haven't shot her in at least two years, have you? All the other stuff of her that I can find on the web seems to be even older. So what is she doing right now? Is she acting? Modelling? I'm afraid, she has found the ONE who's perfect for her but doesn't like her posing nude. Has she?
Good value
Anna is always good value. It’s good to meet up with her again and renew my acquaintance.
Anna’s fingernails are such a turn-on. The way she has them coloured and how she runs them over her pussy are out of this world.
There are wonderful close ups here of Anna’s pussy and ass. No complaints from me about that. But why not stay with them longer? Often I have to pause the play when I would rather the camera stayed exactly where it was instead of moving away so quick. So how about lingering for a longer time where it really matters?
I enjoyed this one. It was good fun with cheerful music, Anna enjoying herself (me too) and nothing too serious about it all.
Dream partner
Anna is the partner I dream about finding for myself. When I see her like this alone on her bed and longing for company I imagine her being on our bed in our room and waiting for me to hold her. I’d like to think it will be soon.
the most beautiful girl in the world, please give us more of Anna S!
Anna S water drops October 21st, 2011
Screen presence
I think Anna should consider the possibility of acting in film. She's very pretty and beautiful, but those are not the principle qualities her image conveys. She has this pensive, thoughtful looking quality that is even more prominent. I always find myself looking at her eyes more than her slender form. The only actress I can think of to compare this quality to is Ingrid Bergman. If I ever write a novel, I think my heroine is going to look just like her.
I want a set S with Anna S, Caprice & Valerie (completely naked), in the style of Ann S, Angelica and Paulina - Threesome with more than 120 images. That would be a dream. :) ^ ^
Aways good tos ee Anna but hse has done numerous similar set to this before, did this really bring anything new, I would like to see her on a beach with waves carressing her beautiful body, particularly as it starting to get quite wintry here!
Just beautiful. I'll just say this - you're not obliged to listen. I know that Anna S has more galleries to her name than any other model on the site, and I'm happy about that. But if she'd had twice as many, I'd be happier still. (The same is true for a small bunch of other models. But I know the problem is that it would be a different bunch of models for each of your subscribers...)
The Winner
The winner..... and still champion.... Anna S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mmmmm...wet naked Anna S! only thing (besides a video, of course) would be if the water was on
Happy to see Anna again :)
What's the point of ever growing megapixels
if you retouch the photos anyway? Please stop that. I love her WITH her marks.
Please give us more of Anna S!
The world best girl I've ever see! Hegre, it's been quite a time not see Anna S, please give us more and more and just more of she.
Anna S falling of the chair July 14th, 2011
RE: Photo number 9
Just once it would be wonderful to come home to my girlfriend posing and rolling off a chair in a mood express here. So sensual and in need of loving.
Great Poses!
I really like this set. This kind of pose is really very erotic. I like the first picture best: It shows Anna open, with her pussy in full view, and in a position where she can't move much -- very good. But it also presents her tits nicely, an above all: While we stare at her body, we can also look into her face in this picture. Absolutely great!
RE: Photo number 17
Anna, your pussy is gorgeous and perfect!! Need to see more of you!
Anna. Why on earth have you not appeared on Hegre for almost 3 months??
Is this the shortest set in history?
Simple and erotic. I have a theory that the way cunt looks matches a girl's personality...and Anna S has always had a naughty looking cunt! Any replies?
Anna S
Thank you for the shots of her perfect face this time.
Her feet...so sweet. I'm in love.)
...when will we see an orgasmic massage video with Anna S ?
Short and sweet. Thanks Anna.
There's a chair?? :)
RE: Photo number 2
Anna:What face do I have, Petter? Petter:What face, Anna? Anna:Blower's Cramp! Get it? Petter: Ah, yes... Anna:How often? Both:Hahahahahaha!
Plese dont kill yourself on our account, dear!!!
Anna S perfect pussy June 14th, 2011
everything perfetc
Perfect pussy perfect shave ... perfect everything!
Excellent Shave
A pleasure to see smooth well shaved goods
wow hot
Pussy Perfection
Anna's pussy is indeed perfect, as is the rest of her. Perfect pussy, perfect set, perfectly titled.
Here is the first reason to live for.....
Meet my...
perfect fingers...yours and mine live happily ever after :)
delicious........ my tongue is getting hard... wow
just a perfect pussy beautifull
Wie Gott sie schuf.Toll.
Just beautiful...a work of art!!!
perfect pussy . more pussy pictures.
Hi Petter, lovely set of photos. You need to clean your sensor as there are 4 dust spots on these...
We want more pussy pictures!
Shortest and sweetest
Possibly the shortest set I have seen, definately the sweetest!!
Anna S
I agree totally with dsq, very often the models and the photographers overlooks this item, it is really a turn-off to see all those chipped, dirty fingernails of the models
wonderful series! i commend your exploring different ways to present eros
Anna S. Perfect Pussy
Outstanding! Silky smooth, beautiful, moist, pink and perfectly shaped!
Anna, you've done it again - stretched the limits and with such a beautiful pussy. My tongue aches to experience you.
Perfect Pussy
Certainly getting there?! In my opinion have seen better (Marjana) but each to their own
hands! and a beutiful anus too. Yet I'm missing her face, breasts, tummy, feet, hair, neck, knees, scars alredy.
Nice fingernails, too ;-)
Anna S perfect pussy
Worthy of a gynaecological text book...and no more.
anna s
absolute perfection.
Clean enough to eat your dinner off!
Anna is so much more than a perfect pussy!!!she is perfection personified...HEAD TO TOE!!!not that I don't wanna see it. But, these type of sets just look kinda monotonous to me!