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Eva S | Ukraine Galerien: 18
Foto von Eva S


Foto von Eva S
Name: Eva S
Land: Ukraine
Gewicht: 55Kg
Größe: 180cm
Alter: 18
Beruf: Modell

Spontan und Locker

Eva ist ein hervorstrebendes Modell, und hat ihre Modelkarriere schon mit 13 begonnen. Aber ihre Aufnahmen mit Petter waren für sie das erste Mal, das sie nackt vor der Kamera posierte.
Eva hat bei Ihrer Größe und ihrer ganz bestimmten Schönheit die idealen Vorraussetzungen dazu, ein ganz großes Supermodel zu werden. Sie hat bereits einen Vertrag mit einer Modellagentur in Mailand und war gerade auf dem Weg nach Italien, als wir sie zum ersten Mal trafen.
Eva hat einen sehr lebendigen, übersprudelnden Charakter. Sie ist ziemlich wild und kann dabei auch sehr lustig sein. Sie ist also nicht gerade schüchtern, sondern raucht, trinkt und liebt es allgemein, Spaß zu haben. Ihre Lieblingskörperteile müssen wohl ihre Brüste sein, denn während der Session mit Petter konnte sie diese nicht für eine Sekunde in Ruhe lassen und musste immer mit ihnen spielen!
Seien Sie nicht überrascht, wenn sie Eva noch dieses Jahr auf dem Titelblatt vom Vogue-Magazin sehen!


Eva S. Sinnlichkeit | April 15th, 2008
Eva S. Sinnlichkeit
sirstefanofb Australien

Oh Eva... surely the 'S' is for scrumptious!

Luclaf Kanada

Eva beauty Oh well... what can I say : Cute model, perfect armpit shaving, perfect perky breast, moist lips, great poses = super model. Simple pics, nice close view pics = super photograph. Thanks Peter. Kisses to Eva.

sirstefanofb Australien

C'mon Guys.... the delectable Eva S appeared a couple of days ago and so far has received comments, praise, congratulations, criticism from only 2 viewers... Surely this delightful, wonderful, desirable creature deserves more... So lets here it for Eva S.... be it good, bad or indifferent!

Eva S. Schal | February 24th, 2008
Eva S. Schal
JP Vereinigte Staaten

No comments for Eva? I can't believe that people aren't talking about this girl. She is incredibly hot and a natural in front of the camera.

Tre Vereinigtes Königreich

Eva I agree, she is very hot. Her eyes burn right into me- real 'come to bed ' eyes.

Eva S. glühend heiss | March 13th, 2008
Eva S. glühend heiss
alex Vereinigtes Königreich

eva s fresh,delicate,beautiful,eva is indeed red hot.

sirstefanofb Australien

Those 'come to bed' eyes, just draw me in, every time.... then I adjust my focus, to realise this beautiful creature is, in fact, Naked!... Then I feast my eager eyes on all of Eva S's attributes... before drifting off into my private fantasy... !

MM Deutschland

It's red, but where is the hot???

sirstefanofb Australien

Upon 'awakening' from my 'private fantasy of Eva.S'.... I was drawn, like 'a moth to flame' to feast once more upon the beauty of this delightful creature... to discover her nipples to be a pure delight... So prominent and 'attentive' so resplendent of her youth.

sirstefanofb Australien

God... Eva S is a most 'captivating' woman... and oh how much do I long to be her 'captive for a nite'...

Eva S. Mailand Schönheit | November 13th, 2007
Eva S. Mailand Schönheit
sirstefanofb Australien

Always a pleasant gaze upon EvaS in her naked shaven beauty... with that innicently seductive expression on her face. In addition to which.... I find BOTH pairs of EvaS's lips very enticing!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Eva What exquisite nudes of gorgeous Eva! Love the shots. The only suggestion I have is that I would have had Eva wearing a pair of stiletto pumps.

Eva S. süßblau | February 5th, 2008
Eva S. süßblau
JP Vereinigte Staaten

Squeeze those breasts Love it when the models perform the "squeeze the breasts" pose. Enhances the eroticism. Eva S has beatiful flawless porecelain white skin which contrasts nicely with the blue background.

Fan Vereinigte Staaten

Eva S Eva S seems to come from the fashion world and is a stunning rare treat to see. Its nice to see some of a model's personality come across in the images and I would imagine seeing more of her personality say on location would be even better. Cheers to the Model and the Photographer.

way Vereinigte Staaten

a girl that interacts with the camera, what a treat!

Eva S. Make-up Tisch | January 4th, 2008
Eva S. Make-up Tisch
JP Vereinigte Staaten

Only 2 pages? Petter, give us more of this porcelain skin beauty.

Luclaf Kanada

Eva beauty Finally shaving is now perfect. Eva is a little doll. Would really like to tease her.

sirstefanofb Australien

Eva... please 'open up' Oh Petter please give us a photo set of Eva displayed like Evi. With eyes and legs wide open for our appreciation!

Dragon Indien

Eva S in motion Can we please get a equally awesome video of Eva S as her sets ??? Petter please !!

Eva S. rauchend | July 12th, 2007
Eva S. rauchend
Igor Vereinigtes Königreich

doh - why another set of a model with a fag in her mouth. So unsexy.

sirstefanofb Australien

Sacre Bleu i will 'ave non of this! it is a sin to encourage this Gorgeous Creature to pollute her body with those filthy cigarettes... has she no self respect? i have sadly rated this series a 1, despite the exquisite beauty of Eva S... Sir Stefan

Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Eva S smoking .... Nice photos Beautiful woman nasty habit, smoking No wonder she doesn't smile smoke stains?

Lucababy Kanada

Eva smoking Not again a cigarette ! Next time, why not ask a model to lick a trashcan.

cookin Vereinigte Staaten

Eva S - Smoking Smoking has been proven to be the leading cause of gynecological cancers in women by study, after study, after study. Your shoot and display glorifies a practice that will lead to huge numbers of unnecessary and untimely deaths of beautiful women. Why do you persist in presenting this conduct in such a light?

tdonna Vereinigte Staaten

I agree with the negative comments of the smoking

Petter Hegre Spanien

Smoking hey guys, relax, what kind of preaching is this ?! who are without sin throw the first stone. there are worse things in this world then smoking. fyi, most top models smoke... and don't forget USA made smoking hip worldwide with your tough smoking movie heros and sexy advertisements. so enjoy the beauty and look after your own health instead.

Dave Vereinigte Staaten

Perspective maybe? Petter, I agree with you that moralizing about smoking here is not appropriate. The choices a person makes in life are not for others to debate. On the other hand, the ladies you so superbly photograph for us here should be models of attractiveness, and to an increasing number of people cigarette smoking is very repellent. Perhaps some find smoking attractive and if these images are meant for them, then so be it but you will hear from those of us for whom the cigarette ruins the fantasy.

Tony Vereinigte Staaten

Blowing smoke Petter - of all the props you have to choose from you choose this. She's pretty, but you spoil her. She went from an 8 to a 0. Focus on her beauty, not her nasty habit.

David Vereinigte Staaten

Eva S. smoking I loved this set with Eva S. She is stunning. What a wonderful body! I hope to see her often in the future. Also, I'm delighted to have pictures of Eva smoking. She looks fantastic smoking.

Petter Hegre Spanien

Smoking Hi Steve.Check out the current issue of UK Esquire. Monica Bellucci on the cover with a cigarette between her lips. Dead prop you said ? Still most movies are dominated by chain smoking characters.How many top models do you know ? Kate Moss smokes 20 a day...

steve turner Australien

Relax! So there are worse things than smoking! It is a major cause of death.!!!!!!!!!!! most top models i know have never smoked. The cigiratte as a prop is as DEAD as most smokers will be!

Chief Thunder Deutschland

That is, what happens to you, when you smoke. You get thin and you never smile!

Alya Lover Tony Vereinigte Staaten

Defense rests Petter, I notice that you have aired your opinion and come to your own defense on this series twice. Your fans don't like to see your models smoking. It's a simple fix. Let them smoke in private not in your pictures.

iluvmichaela Vereinigte Staaten

A beautiful woman should never be photographed with a cigarette in her hand or her mouth.......

Nick Frankreich

Give it a rest guys Why does everyone seem to think Petter encourages his models to smoke? If they smoke, then they smoke... The models on this site are people, not just objects, and, like everybody else, they have both good and bad habits. I say well done to Petter for taking pictures of people and not just sex-objects. And if you don't like women who smoke they look at some of the other women on this site instead.

Eva S. weisse Mauer | October 8th, 2007
Eva S. weisse Mauer
Corey Vereinigtes Königreich

Eva Lovely girl, love those legs.

Eva S.Turtle Panties | March 22nd, 2008
Eva S.Turtle Panties
milhouse73 Deutschland

Very nice, sexy and light! Nudity like this has nothing to do with porn. Its the joy of beeing free.

mc Vereinigte Staaten

perfect Every girl in this site is absolutely goregous..everone agrees with that...but this perfect blonde beauty is number one. Every square inch of her body is flawlessly perfect.

A long time fan Vereinigte Staaten

One of the best One of the most genuine, fun, and sexy shoots in a good while and with a stunning top fashion quality model. Kudos to both photographer and model. Beautiful work.

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Eva is truly having fun with this shoot. It brought out her perfect smile and was sexy as hell.

Luclaf Kanada

Eva S beauty If ever someone ask you a definition of beauty, just show him this set of pics.

sirstefanofb Australien

Eva just seduces me with her eyes...every time... and what a 'tease' she was today... playing for so long before eventually getting her panties off... Petter, I reckon, with the good working she gave them, you could now auction Eva's panties on E-bay

sirstefanofb Australien

or just mail them off to me?

Eva S. rot | October 28th, 2007
Eva S. rot
sirstefanofb Australien

She is simply GORGEOUS...Need MORE of Eva S, particularly some open leg shots... PLEASE?

Rob Vereinigtes Königreich

Can we please see some extreme close-ups of this beauty's vulva?

Luclaf Kanada

Eva red Pretty model without a doubt, but I will give her a higher quote when she will learn to moist her face lips.

Eva S. Goldener Reflektor | August 30th, 2007
Eva S. Goldener Reflektor
fasteddie Vereinigte Staaten

eva s beautiful model, dreamy eyes, love her eyebrows, nice hangs

Eva S. blauer Stuhl | September 17th, 2007
Eva S. blauer Stuhl
tdonna Vereinigte Staaten

Pretty mild, fairly bland and too much hands, especially for Eva S.

Luclaf Kanada

Eva beauty Only moist her face lips and she would become a 9/10.

Eva S. schwarzer Slip | June 6th, 2007
Eva S. schwarzer Slip
sirstefanofb Australien

An equisite and mouthwatering body

sttudog Brasilien

Exquisite girl; her tits are wonderful

sirstefanofb Australien

Petter, I just had to 're-visit' this shoot. Pics 15 on P4 and 10 on P5 are Worldclass... Eva S is just the most appealing Woman I have ever set eyes upon.... Please deliver more of her again and again and again... without end!

Eva S. Make-up Zimmer | February 19th, 2007
Eva S. Make-up Zimmer
alex Vereinigtes Königreich

eva s beautiful set,beautiful girl.

Ted Kanada

Lovely Eva S. Those blue eyes, the milky white skin,and those exquisite pink nipples ....WOW !! What a beautiful woman. Well done, Petter.

ben Vereinigte Staaten

very classy , statuesque model perhaps a later photoshoot with different surrounding may make for a even more attractive set

Eva S. Mode Akt | May 14th, 2007
Eva S. Mode Akt
sirstefanofb Australien

Wonderful... Hoping to see more of EVA S in some varied posses, so that we may admire more the intimate parts of her superb body.

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

eva s cute set of pictures.

andreson Vereinigtes Königreich

Eva Has put a smile apon my face. Theses shots are just LOVELY wonderful

Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Eva S .... Sweet! More please!

Badga Vereinigtes Königreich

Eva S A lovely set of images from Eva, she has such a wonderful expressive face, she looks so natural in the session, I enjoyed every minute, I smiled at every image.

Lucababy Kanada

Eva Cute girl, but... could anyone give her a glass of water ? Unfortunate that her lips are not wet !

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Eva Eva is doing my favorite type of fashion: butt naked! The best kind! Totally nude from head to toe throughout, the way it should be. Great set!

Eva S. blau | April 11th, 2007
Eva S. blau
alex Vereinigtes Königreich

eva s delicious

Fawks Vereinigte Staaten

Eva S. She is beautiful. Can I have her email? ;)

GERBOU Frankreich

Wonderful Eva S.

sirstefanofb Australien

Petter, This Girl is pure 'eye-candy'. I am looking forward to opening up on the next set you do of Eva S, to see her looking at me, staright in the eys, as she squats, befor me, full frontal, knees apart, wearing nothing more than black stilletoes and Black stay up stockings... Then and then only may I be ready to die and go to heaven to await Eva S arrival!... Sir Stefan

Eva S schwarze Höschen | April 26th, 2007
Eva S schwarze Höschen
sirstefanofb Australien

Petter, You have excelled the final shot on page 4 of this sequence rates a PERFECT 10. If money could buy this Girl, I would bid a Million Dollars to secure 'ownership' of this delightful Lady... Sir Stefan.

dennis Vereinigte Staaten

More of her please

Eva S. roter Set | January 24th, 2007
Eva S. roter Set
Raymond Vereinigtes Königreich

Eva S Very sexy new model. Those!

PhotoBob Vereinigtes Königreich

Mmmmm blondes. We've been given a real treat this week with this gallery and new blonde Anna in the movie. Keep em coming.

David Vereinigte Staaten

Eva S red set Eva is wonderful.

David Vereinigte Staaten

Eva S red set Eva smokes, but there are no pictures of her smoking during her five-hour shoot? I'm very disapppointed! Maybe next time, please?!

sirstefanofb Australien

I would like to shake the hand of any Man, so fortunate, to have awoken in the morning, to find himself beside EVA S... for he would be one very lucky Man... Sir Stefan