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Melissa Profile

Name: Melissa
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 45kg
Height: 158cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Model

Fitness Fanatic

Despite having a beautiful face with piercing blue eyes you may, or may not, be surprised to hear that Melissa is a proud winner of the "Miss Ass" title - an annual competition that is held on the British Virgin Islands!

With stunning long hair, a muscular, toned body and incredibly perky tits Melissa's body just cries out to be photographed. In her physical prime Melissa likes to keep in shape and views her body as a temple. She chooses her foods carefully making sure everything contributes to optimum health.

Because Melissa has a powerful frame it would be easy to believe that she is a tough kind of girl, but Melissa is actually more the emotional type. The taut, toned body conceals a much softer centre!

Naturally stunning and sexy, we know you are going to enjoy admiring all of Melissa's perfectly petite body!

Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie Hotel Basico September 11th, 2010
god camera work all from the same angle?????
Where's Muriel?
To all interested Hegre-Art affiniados and conisseurs of nude beauty: there is a game you may be interested in playing in these group nude series called "Where's Muriel?" To find Muriel, simply 1) Scan the five (or six) nude beauties in front of you; 2) Look for the biggest tits; 3) You have found Muriel! It is easy and fun to play, and getting there is half the fun!
Wow! Being a totally nude purist, it was delightful from shot 62 on to see all the girls slip off their panties! As a devoted Muriel fan, my favorite shots are, of course, 113-115! Can't imagine why! Always good to see the girls nude! Love these series Petter! Video?
Another Fantastic Set
Always love these. Great stuff. I hope many more are in the plan. You do multi-girl shoots better than anyone else. Really, much better.
Looking at you
Fantastic set. This shot makes you feel like they just saw you come into the room.
What a twister!
Another great creation, and seems like some guys passing by had the time of their lifes too. Suzie is incredible in each and every pic I really like this girl.
all I can say is WOW!!!so nice to see five of the worlds most beautiful creations just lounging around and showing off their beauty as nature intended!BRAVISIMO!!!
What an especial delight it is to see "las 5 sirenas" again!
What a bevy of beauties! My eyes are overloaded! I wish I could have been watching from the street that day! Or even better, watching from inside the room! ;)
Melissa white bikini September 2nd, 2010
This body is just perfect.
A set not showing her beautiful ass in all it's splendor is just wrong.
Lovely Melissa
Melissa is fast becoming my favourite model of all. I agree with Wheeler - she has such a beautiful curvy bottom that it demands to be seen! :) Perhaps if we had a Melissa week we could have a set and a video dedicated to her glorious bare buttocks?! :)
She is absolutely stunning! What anb awesome figure!
It's all good (to say the least!), from gorgeous head, to cute toes! But, I can look at Heads and toes any time , for free! I pay to see what is normally (for what reason, is still a mystery to me) TABOO!!!But, yes...It's all good!
Without a doubt more natural if not neo-classic beauty invoked than any other Hegre shoot Ive seen.The awesome humbling precense of the sea disposes the usual pin-up aesthetic.The young lady stood well to the challenge.
Yes sir all thats true. Just a point of curiousity tho anybody notice the way she arches those lovely feet incredible! Also the thighs this woman has,and the perfection that is her tits OMG! OK so we're not getting treated to ass shots this go round but, to complain, and this Goddess is giving you every thing else? I say enjoy the perfection thatss in front of you.MELISSA=GODDESS period. Thank you Melissa.
I think Wheeler is quite correct. Very little arse & the photographer is a little too far away to pick the detail. Melissa is of course stunning. Nigehug.
As always! especia ly # 46 onward! only gripe I have (I bet you can guess) You omitted her beautiful bottom AGAIN!!! :(
Melissa ready for bed August 18th, 2010
I'm ready for bed! ;)
tractor pull
they couldn't pull me off of that hot ass Melissa ...even at a Tractor Pull.......... :) LOL
Nice to see some shots of back and neck. Criticism deleted - as usual
The best!
MELISSA,MELISSA,MELISSA,MELISSA,MELISSA...There is no way to compare one beautiful woman against another so all I have to say is... MELISSA
Melissa carries herself here like a sated feline-woman who, nevertheless, has a store of explosive energy to shower upon any man who catches her eye.
super sexy!!!
can I help you with that lotion, sweetie??? hehehe
RE: Photo number 87
Melissa is without a doubt my new favourite model. Her full, curvy figure is adorable and of course her bottom is perfection! She also has a very cute smile! Thank you for this set! :)
Anna S Brigi Melissa Muriel Suzie bed formations August 13th, 2010
five beauties
too much ...
Been away along time...what joy it is to get back to Hegre-Art and see five naked beautiful girls with five cunts all in a row! Thought it couldn't get any better but then the girls turned over! I'm crazy about Muriel, especially her ass, so naturally I'm blown away by four full views of her ass and asshole! I needed that! Petter you have come through again! Many thanks! Excellent work!
These types of shoots are always a favorite. Five beauties, head to toe. Wow. You are the best at these!!
so much beauty!!!
I don't know where to look first!!!
This fotographs are the proof that god exists! Such a beauty could not be possible without a good god! This pics are more potent than any viagra ! Compliments Peter ! But tell me, honestly, how can a man fotograph so many godnesses without getting many orgasms immediately?! Thanks for this fantastic pics ! Besides: What I personally prefer is not only total nudity (of course I like to see every detail from the bodies from such beauties!!) but also pics with clothes, even privat pics totally nonude. Maybe that could be a new theme: I really would be interested how Anna S looks privat/in clothes. Thanks again and congratulations from Switzerland/Europe David
Totally AWESOME!!!
"Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive!"
Melissa on the cliffs July 31st, 2010
I love her pictures she is a natural beauty, I would like to see more videos maybe a massage video where she is massaging a man to climax.
Hot Pics
Wonderful pics, just like always. HOT!
Melissa on the Cliffs
Very athletic and shapely legs to go with a wonderful smile.
love that smile!
Melissa on My Cliff...
I also love that I don't have to wait until 3 AM for the update anymore!
Melissa has been a favorite of mine for a long time.More photos of her are welcome and would like to see more videos of her as well. Thank you
Ah, Melissa!
A wonderful set. It's always a joy to see Melissa! I think she has the most lovely, perfect bottom! Thank you!
dangerously sexy!!!
That looks kinda dangerous! But, it makes for an amazingly sexy photoshoot! I love the wind in her hair! SOOOO sexy!!!