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Photo of Victoria R


Photo of Victoria R
Name: Victoria R
Country: Brazil
Weight: 49kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

Sexy, Seductive and Spectacular

Victoria loves to dance. With a passion for ballet, she sees her body as a physical instrument. She’s tight, toned and tantalizing.

Victoria is a true Brazilian beauty – the perfect combination of powerful seduction and raw passion. And with that ass, there can be no doubt about her heritage.

Victoria likes to be naked – which is good news for everyone. At just 19 years old, she is totally comfortable in her own skin. In fact, we think Victoria would walk the streets naked if she were allowed.

Make sure you’re sitting down; this unique body is simply incredible (even by our high standards). If you and God could sit down together and create the perfect female body – this would be the result.

Victoria R Galleries

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Victoria R Galleries COMMENTS

Victoria R dominatrix part 2 by Jon | September 13th, 2014
Victoria R dominatrix part 2 by Jon
geroki Germany

Jon not wanting to offend someone, but... I'm not very happy with Jon's light setup. All his studio shootings look sort of flat, like taken with a circular flash on the lens.

Roger United States

From the first photo, the delightful curve of Victoria's buns, then by 5 a stunning straight-on butt-crack shot, 9 a lovely standing frontal nude with her lovely cunt lips well shown for all to see. Ah so good to see Victoria Nude again!

Roger United States

She is Wet! Great to see Victoria wet! Look at photos 5 and 34! Love it that she is turned on by posing nude!

dexter United States

boring Beautiful model but, boring. Why doesn't she like showing her beautiful ass. Every gallery is the same.

francesco Italy Italy

It is nice to see that Victoria loves to model: see photo 34

Roger United States

RE: boring Dexter, we all agree that Victoria is gorgeous with a stunningly gorgeous ass the photographer needs to celebrate in total. 52-61, for example, are fine kneeling nudes but the camera should have been brought straight behind her as well. A missed opportunity!

Victoria R garden girl part 2 by Jon | August 4th, 2014
Victoria R garden girl part 2 by Jon
McNasty77 United States

Chilly? Victoria looks beautiful and cold (goose bumps). But it's good to see her with her clothes off.

Pacoeco Mexico

Beautifull I'd would love some time in my life to attend a very luxury party with Victoria R wearing a very luxury dress, in a very luxury car and enter with her on my arm Congratulations, she is beautifull

Marvin Germany

Waxing? Victoria looks great. Her tits are amazing. But I recommend her a brazilian waxing instead of shaving her pussy.

Roger United States

The Right Idea In photos 9 and 10 lovely Victoria has the right idea. If only the cushion were lower!

Victoria R school girl by Jon | July 12th, 2014
Victoria R school girl by Jon
wheeler United States

I'd like to teach you a thing or two! :P

don United States

too many stuff on this is a nude site i thought

zorro United Kingdom

Beautiful. and she's not afraid to smile.

Roger United States

Victoria the Schoolgirl Gotta love the schoolgirl and gotta love Victoria! Already by photo 9 we have progressed to an up-skirt panty peek and by 11 our schoolgirl has spread her legs! 45 and 46 are pure works of Art! By 66 the panties are at long last off and the few peeks are great but more would have been fantastic.

Victoria R shoe fetish by Jon | June 29th, 2014
Victoria R shoe fetish by Jon
wheeler United States


Roger United States

Seeing Victoria Nude Always such a pleasure to see Victoria nude! Many delightful shots in this series starting with photo 1, an outstanding sultry looking back over the shoulder standing butt shot. All I can say is "What a Look and what Buns!"

Roger United States

Photo 37: Cunt Lips with a Smile! Also like photo 37. Love it when a naked girl smiles as she shows her all. Here Victoria and her cunt lips never looked lovelier or friendlier! Thank you so much Victoria for showing us your Nude Beauty!

Victoria R naked lounging by Jon | May 28th, 2014
Victoria R naked lounging by Jon
wheeler United States

lovely! can't for the life of me figure out why people are critical of Jon's pics! he certainly couldn't ask for a better subject!

Michael Germany

Victoria R Unglaublich schööön!

Lago United States

Petter, You really need to be the person behind the lense next time. Come on Petter throw your subscribers a bone!

MojoMa55 Switzerland

Victoria The subjects are fine, but Jon seems to lack Petter's imaginative flair. So does Alya, though she's better than Jon in my opinion. The reality is, however, that not everyone can be a genius.

Victoria R pearls part 1 by Jon | June 12th, 2014
Victoria R pearls part 1 by Jon
wheeler United States

anxiously anticipating part two!

Petr Canada

Pearls part 1 Victoria, you are a goddess, Please use those pearls for more than decoration in part 2

Roger United States

Photos 43-46 Photos 43-46 are just gorgeous! Love the sideways glance in 43 as stunning Victoria bares all! Just love her perky nipples and cunt lips!

Victoria R Victorias secret girl by Jon | May 1st, 2014
Victoria R Victorias secret girl by Jon
Roger United States

Pure Nude Beauty What a beauty Victoria is and what a joy to see her nude. Great opening shots showing her nude beauty, with a bit of a tease and then, appropriately, with photo 15 we are rewarded with a delightful pink warm and welcoming cunt lip look! Photo 71 is an extraordinary display of the line of Victoria's incredible curved ass, and the tip-toed raised butt shots near the end are charming. What would have been a wonderful progression however would have been sitting straight-on open legged shots from the front and straight on kneeling raised butt shots from the back! Thank you again Victoria for sharing your nude beauty with us!

asssmasher Mexico

Wow I agree with Roger. Great set. A straight on kneeling raised butt shot showing asshole would be the greatest. I still can't get over the White Summer set though... thanks a lot!

Roger United States

RE: Wow Thank you assmasher. In case you don't already know, glad to report that Victoria's lovely tight asshole is shown, at long last, in her most recent film! What a delight to see!

asssmasher Mexico

RE: RE: Wow Wow!!! That is absolutely great news! When will it be out? Or where can I see it??? :D :D :D

wheeler United States

looks like Ms R's secret has been blown!! (maybe that wasn't the best choice of words?)

Roger United States

RE: lol Wheeler!

Edwin Maerzluft Canada

RE: Photo number 25 Victoria is a very beautiful fit model with that perfect combination of face and body features. Just would like to see a litle more smiling in her photo shots . That would not hurt her or the cameras or the possibility for more positive responses to her excellent beauty. Keep up the good modeling and many thanks.

Victoria R dominatrix part 1 By Jon | April 24th, 2014
Victoria R dominatrix part 1 By Jon
petr Canada

Flashes of emotion from behind the mask. Great to see Victoria come alive in this set. Nice work, It seems she is more submissive than dominating though, bring on part 2.

McNasty77 United States

Third from Last Photo Perfect.

wheeler United States

oh! my kinda shoot! can't wait for part 2!

Victoria R dressed for sex By Jon | April 7th, 2014
Victoria R dressed for sex By Jon
McNasty77 United States

Gorgeous If only I could be Victoria's thong.

yola United States

smile Holy crap I think she smiled in photo 10!

EP Sweden

Where can one buy this outfit/thong?

ailefroide Belgium

Victoria R 8 april 2014. 19.99999 ... on 20 ! Thanks a lot. J'adore. Merci.

wheeler United States

RE: smile several times, in fact! lovely smile...among other things!

Sandy United Kingdom

Oh dear again!! To me a wasted week where more enlightening models could have been used. I have reduced commenting on Victoria because you usually don't log them. Victoria is a very beautiful model but to me and possibly others all her galleries are repetitive with few explicit shots. I suspect she is the wife or girlfriend of Jon and this is the reason, possibly, for the boring shots. Basically this is an erotic site which excels in ground-breaking content and V doesn't quite fit in to the ethos. If she is a nude model she should show herself from all angles not just from the front and sides, and this is where I think she is short-changing the members of this site who pay to see naked models in erotic poses. Disappointing as she is very attractive but I can see beautiful coy girls on other sites, and this isn't what I joined Hegre-art for a few years ago. I suspect this comment along with numerous others of mine won't be posted as they are negative, which annoys me as I would like to see how many agree with me and I suspect there may be a few.

Crabix Germany

Does anyone know where to get that thong?

Victoria R garden girl Part 1 By Jon | April 6th, 2014
Victoria R garden girl Part 1 By Jon
Mangate United States

Set after set of Victoria R and not a single shot of what I assume is her delicious butthole!

ailefroide Belgium

Victoria R garden ... Great. Perhaps Jon is greater ?! ...

wheeler United States

beauty out in natural light! PERFECT!!!

Victoria R white dress by Jon | April 5th, 2014
Victoria R white dress by Jon
wheeler United States

pics 2-19 is Victoria following in Alya's footsteps? (becoming a photog)

Victoria R white Summer by Jon | April 4th, 2014
Victoria R white Summer by Jon
Apaixonado United States

uma mulher perfeita em todos os aspetos

lago United States

It would be nice to see more of Vic's pussy once in awhile.

smashbtws Mexico

ass My prayers have officially been answered!!!! This is by FAR the best hegre set I have ever seen... Not long ago I requested a nightie white cotton panties set... And here it is... Thanks for listening, I'm sure everyone will agree with me... anyway just wanted to say how much I appreciate this... now I wanna get back to the set... I can't get over the first picture yet.. WOW!

smashbtws Mexico

ass WOOOOOW!!!this is the absolute best set I have ever seen in my life... You should do victoria r sets only.. she is the most beautiful woman on this website, and this is exactly the set I've been waiting for... Easily the hottest and sexiest pictures.. I can't stand how hot she is, and how delicious her ass looks in these pictures... I'm sure everyone would agree that this set is absolute HEAVEN. Thanks soo much for this! Here's to more Victoria R!!! :D :D :D :D

wheeler United States

we should all look so good just waking up!

Victoria R Scottish skirt by Jon | April 3rd, 2014
Victoria R Scottish skirt by Jon
Hardhead Singapore

She's gone plaid!

Mike S. United States

Victoria Wearing Glasses A beautiful woman wearing glasses is, quite simply, like an aphrodisiac to me! My heart melted as I was viewing the first 13 photos of this shoot. Don't get me wrong; the remaining photos were all wonderful but those early ones really did it for me! Thank you so much Victoria!

Petr Canada

Scottish skirt RRRRR Beam me down Scotty! Nice Skirt and how about those shoes ! Great week Hegre . Victoria deserves a trip to the lingerie store , with a camera or two there to record it.

simon Switzerland

At full res I can even read the book. Nice theme.

wheeler United States

nice to know Victoria wears her kilt the traditional way! (no undies)

Victoria R Aquarium Part1 By Jon | April 2nd, 2014
Victoria R Aquarium Part1 By Jon
focuspuller United States

Aquarium This may have sounded like a great idea, and I understand the pressure of coming up with new ideas every single day, but I don't see the point of this. Victoria R of course makes any photo set drop-dead stellar, but the poses are pretty standard. Maybe some exotic fish in there with her?

lago United States

Victoria may have one of the best racks on the planet!

smashbtws Mexico

Ass Hey! I just wanted to know if there will ever be a full on ass in the air asshole shot. That would be the best... i've subscribed to the website about 4 times over my life and am still waiting. Please!! a nice nightie white cotton panties pull down with asshole shot. please!

Akerfeldt Mexico

What about a Victoria month? Thanks for making possible a Victoria week! My favorite model along with Emily! Maybe a full month for them one day? Just dreaming hehe

wheeler United States

naked wet victoria...can't imagine better! CAN'T WAIT FOR PART 2!

Victoria R hot short by Jon | March 23rd, 2014
Victoria R hot short by Jon
simon Switzerland

Victoria is very hot. The pictures have room for improvement. Please more pictures like #61.

Akerfeldt Mexico

Can't get enough of her...my favorite model by far along with Emily =)

Victoria R medical examination by Jon | March 1st, 2014
Victoria R medical examination by Jon
wheeler United States

lovely lady...lovely set...although, I must say, the title left me wanting more!

DeltaScott United Kingdom

I'm afraid that this is a boring, set and not up to the usual Hegre-art standard. And why is it called 'Medical Examination'?

Mangate United States

The examination is complete. All of the doctors agree: this patient has no butthole!

kw United States

lovely bottom.

Roger United States

A Very Good Doctor but needs more thoroughness This doctor should be applauded, perhaps get a reward, for having the good sense to have his patient Victoria totally Nude during his exam. He should also be applauded for telling her to lie on her stomach photos 12-33 so he can do a much needed thorough butt exam! But as any good doctor should be, he needs to be even more thorough and check her asshole and spread her legs to look at her cunt!

Roger United States

Victoria is Having Fun Too! Close inspection of photo 30 (one of the best photos of lovely Victoria and her gorgeous butt) reveals a most definitely wet cunt! And photo 38 shows a very much swollen hot lips! So glad to see she is enjoying her medical exam as much as the doctor!

Dippedut Denmark

Disappointing Nice girl but not the standard we are used to and what did the medical examination go? I had other pictures in my head.

Yola United States

Boring I think it's safe to say that no one is thrilled by repeated sets of Victoria R photographed by Jon. Not sure why Petter isn't taking over and showing him how it's done...

Lago United States

Medical Examination I'm with DeltaScott on this one. I think it's time this beautiful young lady gets a set with Petter. She deserves his artistic eye, and we deserve the result of it.

ailefroide Belgium

Victoria R medical exam ... 37 years of medicine. Never seen so beautifull a patient.

Roger United States

Photo 30 Photo 30 is definitely a step in the right direction! Love this straight on butt-crack look at Victoria and would love to see more of these.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Victoria, Medical Exam. Pretty, but standard nude poses. No medical examination possible in these positions and none happened so the title is misleading, to put it mildly.

Victoria R plastic surgery by Jon | February 3rd, 2014
Victoria R plastic surgery by Jon
asssmasher Mexico

Victoria Butt Please please please please please please butt arched up pulling panties down full asshole shot... a set like that would be the best in the world. Please!

Zeppelin Germany

Three words: Make her smile!

Roger United States

Need of Erotic Progression How do I put this delicately? Victoria is a gorgeous girl and we are all very thankful to her that she poses nude. However, there are missed opportunities in her photo shoots. For example, in this series she is tied up and we watch her break free. That is all to the good, but couldn't there have been more of an erotic progression in this series? 35 and 36 are good straight ahead frontal labial shots, but couldn't there have been shots of her legs opened up against her will (playfully of course) as a result of being tied or struggling to break free? Jon the photographer clearly adores Victoria, and has her on a pedestal, as he should. But there is a risk of inflexibility in that adoration. There are times when the photography needs to break free, to shatter that "porcelain doll" approach, and show the naughty side of the girl. I believe it is not the girls who want the restrictions. Yes, they enjoy being on a pedestal, but they also enjoy falling down off of it and being naughty sometimes. By doing so they do not degrade themselves, they only show a more rounded and honest expression of their sexual desires. Hegre as photographer has always understood this and that is what makes his photography so outstanding. He shows the girls both elegantly and then naughtily but never degrades them by doing so, in fact he elevates them. We thank you Jon for the beautiful photos of Victoria but perhaps you could take a tip from Hegre. Let us hope this happens in future series. Thanks again to Jon and Victoria for their work. I would welcome responses from members or Jon or Victoria.

Gentleman Jim United States

RE: Victoria Butt I second that motion!

carmark Germany

Victoria R Venus of Brasil. What a sculptured bodybody.

ailefroide Belgium

Victoria R plastic ... So happy to see you again.

Ayugued Mexico

Best model on Hegre and on the whole internet hands down!! She's the reason why I subscribed for a whole a year and if could be certain she'll stay here forever (I mean at least five more years) I would bought the lifetime subscription. I will be a member as a long as you keep updates of her. Thanks!!

fenpedric United Kingdom

Victoria R Petter Hegre should photograph Victoria R. He would bring out her natural beauty and sexuality far more effectively than Jon currently does. The present sets are sanitized and, frankly, quite boring.

Slickwilly United States

Victoria Why the devil would Victoria need plastic surgery?

wheeler United States

plastic surgery??? please don't get any nasty ideas like that, victoria!!!

Auricman United States

Agree times two No need for plastic surgery and Petter, go visit this beauty in Brazil and photograph her.

Victoria R terry style by Jon | February 19th, 2014
Victoria R terry style by Jon
wheeler United States

love this lady! hope to see lots more!

Apaixonado United States

Uma moça incrível Victoria is perfect. Uma moça incrível. De verdade, não existe ninguém que seja mais lindo. Ela é simplesmente a personificação de perfeição. She has a smile that kills and eyes that suck you in.

tossoffwriter United States

So Fine I love those fine little hairs below her belly button. So sexy.

IrvineK United States

Gorgeous as always, but getting a bit monotonous. Of course, Victoria might be uncomfortable with doing anything more revealing, but it would be glorious!

tossoffdw United States

So Fine I love those fine sexy hairs on Victoria's belly. So hot!

Roger United States

Victoria Nude! What a beauty Victoria is! And what luck to see her totally Nude! Love the cunt lips looks of photos 3 21 and 23 and the graceful profile of her butt in 5, 44 and 45. Of course, Love the straight on butt looks of 15 and 46 and that Ass stuck Way Out There in 28 and 29! Thank you Victoria!

Apaixonado United States

A Moça Perfeita Simplesmente perfeita.

wheeler United States

personally, I couldn't ask for anything more! Ms R is PERFECTION!!!

Victoria R wet n hot by Jon | January 24th, 2014
Victoria R wet n hot by Jon
wheeler United States

well, she works wonders for me! lovely!!!

Victor Double Canada

Not a fan of Victoria R. Her legs lack muscle and I find her sets to be dull. But variety is the spice of life!


a absolut perect woman

Roger United States

Opening Shot What a great opening shot, as this gorgeous 19 year Brazilian beauty is in the act of pulling down her panties! The expectation!

Roger United States

44-46: More Progress and hope for more to come In photos 44-46 Gorgeous Victoria has afforded us long awaited and long overdue straight-on butt shots. 46 is the best of the three with Victoria, like a good girl, arching her back and pushing her butt out to better show her "assets." Love the round bare buns, tight butt crack, and luscious pink cunt lips peeking in from underneath her butt-crack. But what really separates photo 46 from her previous shots is that at long last we get a peek, granted a very limited peek, at her tight little asshole. Let us hope these are the first of many straight on butt shots of lovely Victoria some with her on her knees with her butt arched up into the air to separate her buns and show her asshole in its full glory. A butt like hers really should be celebrated to its fullest, we are getting closer, but are still not at the summit. Thank you, as always, Victoria for posing nude! Would welcome other members responses.

asssmasher Mexico

RE: 44-46: More Progress and hope for more to come couldn't agree more with Roger. We need more butt shots... In some soft cotton nightie with white cotton panties butt arched up in the air pulling down panties showing us asshole. That would be the absolute best...

Roger United States

RE: RE: 44-46: More Progress and hope for more to come Thank you for the comments assmasher! I agree: butt arched up and pulling down white cotton panties showing all her butt and asshole would be extraordinary!

asssmasher Mexico

RE: RE: RE: 44-46: More Progress and hope for more to come I would give anything for a series like that... haha. We should start a campaign.

Sandy United Kingdom

Help! I agree, there has been a very slight progress to get Victoria to 'show' herself! I think I would be able to get London Tower bridge to open before we get Victoria's legs open!!! Please help her to loosen up!!

Victoria R seductive by Jon | January 5th, 2014
Victoria R seductive by Jon
wheeler United States

I suddenly wanna be a popsicle!!

Herr Lich Germany

Wow! The smile makes such a difference! You are breathtakingly beautiful when you smile! Don't waste your time trying to look sexy for the camera other than smiling or laughing.

Roger United States

A Nude Goddess Victoria is a Nude Goddess! How fortunate we are that she poses Nude. Thank you Victoria!

booabobby United States

victoria hot young lass....but perhaps the least interesting photo set i've ever seen on here.

Auricman United States

Outstanding Great job Jon and the beautiful Victoria.

Cali-Nick United States

I did not fall in love with Victoria until she smiled... 10x more beautiful than when she was trying to look serious. Looking forward to more pics of her with this incredible smile!!

asssmasher Mexico

Vicky R Please, please, please, please, a picture of her asshole! That is all that is missing...

Roger United States

RE: Vicky R I heartily concur! Asshole shots of gorgeous Victoria would be the cherry on the cake. Tis a pity the photographer didn't sneak behind her and snap a few shots while she was on her knees! A missed opportunity!

Sandy United Kingdom

slight improvement Oh dear, like all the previous Jon shoots beautiful girl still boring and repetitive poses. slight improvement for me but still a long way to go to be in the realms of Petter's eroticism

Victoria R red hot by Jon | January 15th, 2014
Victoria R red hot by Jon
wheeler United States

hehehe pretty and goofy...perfect woman!

Boomboy United Kingdom

Man, she really is all woman. And that red......fabulous.

Roger United States

What a Beauty photos 77 and 78 are the best. applaud the straight on butt shors

Sandy United Kingdom

Red Hot? Love this beautiful girl to bits but I must be missing something. Unfortunately Jon has a different interpretation to red hot than I suspect most of us have, and as a result most of his galleries end up repetitive and boring. I just can't get my head round how girls posing on nude art sites seem to have hang ups about parts of their bodies. Even 18 year old Aya has shown what she is made of and she is beautiful too. Please ditch Jon and get Petter on the case as I and others have said before

Victoria R garden of Eden by Jon | December 29th, 2013
Victoria R garden of Eden by Jon
wheeler United States

OH YES!!! This is the classic Hegre I grew to love years ago! A gorgeous natural lady, (the WHOLE lady! Not just genitals!) out in natural light! MORE PLEASE!!!

Ray United States

Garden of Eden Too much sense of distance between model and photographer, there needs to be a more shared sense of intimacy.

Auricman United States

Good Job This is Jon's best set so far. Keep up the good work.

Roger United States

Definite Progress I have been a big fan of Victoria since she burst on the scene with her incredible beauty. While I heartily applaud and congratulate Victoria on showing herself nude and greatly appreciate what she has shown, I have yearned for more in her photo shoots and this series shows definite progress in that regard. Photos 27 and 28 show more cunt lip than I believe we have ever seen before from her. I particularly approve of showing her cunt in nature's light. It is illuminated so much better and is so much more natural and consequently erotic. For butt shots 51 52 and in particular 58 are great steps forward in her portfolio. In 58 we at long last get a hint of her asshole. A butt like Victoria's is one in a million and really should be celebrated to its fullest, meaning including raised butt shots that show her asshole. These shots would provide the erotic completion for the extraordinary nude portfolio Victoria has given us. As always, thank you Victoria for posing nude! Let us hope for many more series and perhaps a videos!

windmill Netherlands

RE: OH YES!!! Yes indeed this is beautyfull Victoria seen in classical positions showing the whole of her most attractive body.

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: Definite Progress Agree with Roger, please don't stop here. Please Petter grab her from the clutches of Jon and lets see what she's made of, starting with a massage!!

Victoria R Brazilian bombshell by Jon | December 18th, 2013
Victoria R Brazilian bombshell by Jon
wheeler United States

stunning, with or without the heels!

Rez United States

No more high heels! The high heel thing is just silly to me and they are very harmful for a woman's structural body. I would much rather see their feet as in a good part of this shoot. Love Victoria R...she is beautiful and I love her sway back.

Pog Thailand

Wow great how lovely.many thanks

Roger United States

Buns-o-Rama! From the first photo, a classic standing, looking back over the shoulder butt shot, totally nude, save for those heels to elevate her already extraordinary ass, we know we are in for a treat! And what a treat it is! Photos 1-6, a delightful look at those bare buns! Photo 13, from the side, we see how much "out there" those buns really are! Photo 16 another stunner! On the cunt side, 68 is the best, as Victoria spreads a bit and shows a bit more lip (with hopes that she will show more, front and back, in future series!). Butt it is really her buns that once again "steal the show." As well their should be, there is a high butt count in this series. With buns like beautiful Victoria has it is only right and proper that she should show them off bare as much as possible. To not do so would be a terrible waste. We are truly blessed to have two gorgeous girls with extraordinary butts appearing at the same time on Hegre, Victoria and, of course, Ksenia. Thank you Victoria and thank you Hegre for showing us such Nude beauty!

Roger United States

Butt Appreciation Dialogue Hegre members, we should really start a Butt Appreciation Dialogue about the gorgeous buns we are seeing these days from models like Victoria and Ksenia. For myself, I am continually stunned by how lucky I am to get to see bare the butts of these two beauties. How round they are and how lucky we are!

ailefroide Belgium

Victoria R bomb ... Your face, your eyes, your smiles ... are as great as your body. Thanks a lot.

JSJ Switzerland

Jon's style or the ladies? I'm sorry, so far all of Jon's series found immediately their way into the bin after downloading. Stereotype poses and often close to walls with distracting shadows. Maybe I'm too used to Petter's style but Petter has also better skills, in my eyes.

Lion_01 Netherlands

Special treat Victoria's really a very special treat. On the one hand, there's something about her that just fails to get my blood rushing, but on the other hand, her physique is as perfect as you could ask for. Her tall and slender frame, with perfect shapes and curves, is almost too good te be true. Her heritage, as so clearly applauded by Roger, is very clear and I feel the same appreciation of her choice to share it with us so uninhibitedly. Her profile shots are the best I've ever seen. Let's have much more of that!

Roger United States

RE: Special treat I must say Lion your comments are excellent. I find it enjoyable and invigorating sharing in-depth analysis of nude beauty with fellow connoisseurs. I second your motion for Victoria to get on her knees and elbows more. As you said, "this girl was made for doggy!"

Victoria R sunset shoot by Jon | December 8th, 2013
Victoria R sunset shoot by Jon
wheeler United States

that Jon's a lucky dude!

Yum_Yum Australia

Nice series, but Victoria is in need of a surgeon to open her legs so that we can see all her exquisite beauty.

windmill Netherlands

Victoria Victoria by Jon is one very beautiful and attractive girl to see, indeed a great pleasure. Without the black shoes in my view Victoria in her complete nudity is best viewed.

MM United States

Another awesome set of Victoria

Roger United States

Pure Nude Beauty The most salient point I get from this series of Victoria is Pure Nude Beauty. Nude Beauty as an Ideal. What a knockout she is, and totally nude save for those black stiletto pumps that elevate and celebrate her gorgeous ass. Where is Mark to savor these photos?

Roger United States

Photo 76 A book, a thousand page book, could be written about this photo, and I'd still crave to read on. I mean, just look at those buns! Buns for whom Victoria, like a good girl, has taken off her panties and put on black stiletto pumps to raise them and show them off bare-naked to all the World! Brava Victoria! What a celebration of Nude Beauty! Fellow members, linger over those curves, look upon them, those oh so raised round bare buns with that irresistible fully shown lovely curved butt-crack that calls us, as the Sirens called Odysseus all those years ago. Thank you Victoria!

ailefroide Belgium

Victoria R sunset shoot Very nice job with the light and the colours. Unforgettable.

Laurie United Kingdom

Stupid Shoes Dumb and ill-considered in the context of the presentation. Image 33 stands out though, it captures her beauty perfectly where as most of the rest are no better than holiday snaps...

Roger United States

RE: Stupid Shoes Ah, but what a Holiday...!

Roger United States

RE: I agree Yum Yum, it would be great to see more revealing looks at Victoria from front and behind. Butt on the other hand, at least we get to see her Nude!

Lion_01 Netherlands

Goosebumps I am again flabbergasted by the sheer flawlessness of that body. And I am thankful about her decision so share it with me. I absolutely love your goosebumped skin, Victoria. Thank you so much!

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: RE: I also agree with Roger and Yum Yum. Please take her out of the clutches of Jon and get her on the massage table and take some proper erotic Petter poses!!!!!! Finding all the long distance shots and coyness boring now

linkin India

Beautiful She is really BEAUTIFUL. . . This is the first time i comment. I cant resist myself from complementing this beauty. I was blown away by the photography. The shadow of erect nipples fell on her tits. . . Hottest set of Victoria. More of her please.

rathnagel United States

whats with all the large ugly shoes. What kind of nuts go to bed with 7 inch spikes.....that are not from san francisco...

Victoria R roof top shoot by Jon | November 21st, 2013
Victoria R roof top shoot by Jon
Mike_fan United States

Please get this girl with Mike...........Where is Mike these days?

wheeler United States

lucky neighbors!!!

Roger United States

Where did she get that Butt? Love it!

MM United States

Victoria is perfect. Love shots with her arms overhead and her hair up

United Kingdom

OMG she is in heels!!!

Rowdy Thailand

U can't beat that what a beauty ... what a body..... i got to find that rooftop

smee United States

Video? Any chance this woman would be up to do a video? Her body is begging for video!

Victoria R body perfect by Jon | November 27th, 2013
Victoria R body perfect by Jon
wheeler United States

perfection personified!!!

Laurie United Kingdom

Creature Allure The sequence of images 9-17 beguile and captivate, 15-17 describe her breathtaking beauty totally, the essence of this exquisite creature...

Rowdy Thailand

KNOCK OUT Victoria R knocks a home run every single time..... TOP WORK !!!

ailefroide Belgium

Vicroria R body perfect Yes perfection is not very far. More smiling would be great ...

Pacoeco Mexico

Congratulations This is an expectacular girl, I can marry her just 15 minutes after she ask me

dubblemonkey Australia

lovely I adore her smile

Laurie United Kingdom

Smile Why should she smile! The very first image catches an unguarded moment, unaware and reflecting on the challenge. Her face drawn in emotions, revealing the little girl, her uncertaincy and vulnerability. A rare moment before the performance...

Roger United States

RE: Creature Allure Yes Laurie 15-17 are truly extraordinary. Victoria is one of those rare models that sends me both clothed and nude. Thankfully of course she does take everything off and of those 39-42 52-3 and 66-69 are my favorites To see her her bare buns, well, it is like looking at a work of art. Notice the lovely round dome of each bun and the gracefully curved tight butt-crack between. Simply art! 66 may be my favorite of all with her coy shy look back at us who are watching her. (And her buns in 66 are simply breathtaking!) Thank you Victoria!

Tanster United States

She should smile more I think she's prettiest when she smiles and/or when she's in three-quarter profile like in #28. And photos #15-17 are really sexy. I particularly like her pose in #30 with that expression on her face that, to purloin a phrase from "Zoolander," I'd call "Le Tigre." :-D That said, she has an absolutely beautiful face and body and is perfectly proportional everywhere. Utterly adorable and cuddly.

Sandy United Kingdom

something missing Body perfect maybe! it would be good to see all of it sometime, photos 57 -65 looked promising but didn't deliver. She is gorgeous but too coy.

Victoria R shower show by Jon | November 16th, 2013
Victoria R shower show by Jon
wheeler United States

lovely lovely!!! and, yet another set that would look amazing in motion!

Lion_01 Netherlands

En profile Her en-profle pictures are just maddeningly delicious!

BOSS United States

How about some video of this beauty. Maybe some pussy shots as well

johnnyp United States

I guess her pussy was off limits to the camera. Unfortunately.

Rowdy Thailand

nice Victoria R knocks it out again !!!! HOT

Sandy United Kingdom

next! Ditch Jon and get Petter to get this beauty to open up a bit!

Victoria R blue bikini by Jon | November 11th, 2013
Victoria R blue bikini by Jon
Lion_01 Netherlands

Eye candy Nice to see a series outside of the studio environment! Victoria's body is really pure eye candy. If I may make a request: lets have her on knees and elbows more. This girl was made for doggy!

wheeler United States

lovely to see Ms R out in natural light! the best way to do a goddess justice, IMHO


The photos are beautiful, but the model is really too thin.

Roger United States

RE: Eye candy Another outstanding series from stunning Victoria, yet I heartily concur with Lion. A bottom like hers should be celebrated to the fullest. Here's hoping there will be straight on shots from behind while she is on her knees and elbows, butt arched up, and her looking at us over her shoulder.

Roger United States

Photos 47-58 How wonderful to see a properly done panties pull down series, savored and lingered over, and done slowly from behind. And with the gorgeous buns beautiful Victoria has it is doubly appealing! Photos 54-56 are simply stunningly beautiful. 56, with her bare buns arched up in the air, is the best of all. I hope in future series there will be several more from that angle and also straight on from behind. Thank you Victoria!

inlove United Kingdom

I would walk a thousand miles over broken glass on my hands and knees carrying her bags of gifts just to put a flag in her foot print.

UglyBunny United States

nice My membership is about to expire and this was the best set in the month I was here. Class and beauty !

Rico Portugal

Renew your membership :) is all you need . Amazing photoshoot ... what a natural beauty Vitoria is .... so sexy

linkin India

Photo NO.19 Photo NO: 19,What a PURE BEAUTY. . .I am slowly getting addicted to he sexy body. Please keep her for a long time. I will stay here for VICTORIA.

Victoria R shooting star by Jon | November 6th, 2013
Victoria R shooting star by Jon
Artful Todger United Kingdom

Turn the camera on! You can turn me on anyway.

Lion_01 Netherlands

Irresistible Oh my god Victoria... Your body is indeed devine, and then your big brown eyes... And when you smile, no man on this planet will be able to resist you...

Roger United States

Buns that get you up in the Mroning The thought that I might catch a glimpse of Victoria's gorgeous bare-naked buns got me up out of bed this morning, so I turn on Hegre...and there they are in photo 1, gorgeous round and bare! Love this girl! P.S. Photo 106 starts a "trend" which I can only hope will continue!

delavignette Belgium

Victoria R star 339 seconds of amazing beauty.

Herr Lich Germany

which trend? don't expect a picture from this "shooting". The part of the camera that contains the sensor is missing...

Roger United States

RE: Victoria R star delavignette I take it you did the slide show

Sandy United Kingdom

Shooting star or damp squib? I find some of these sets boring as they sometimes too repetitive. Beautiful girl spoilt for me by lack of detail and distant shots. Too coy and needs to open up, in both sense of the word!!!

Victoria R black body by Jon | October 31st, 2013
Victoria R black body by Jon
KOMET United States


Laurie United Kingdom

A Marked Improvement And by that I mean the direction and photography, not Victoria of course. How could one possibly conceive beyond the impeccably sublime. The sequence 43 - 55 catches the eye as Victoria is encouraged to fashion her hands and assumes some delightful poses. Also expressions that convey a decorous coyness...

Auricman United States

Me and My Shadow Another fine set of Victoria!

Roger United States

This Girl is Hot! Man oh Man! It just keeps getting better with Victoria! Photos 3,5,8,10,12,14-5, 22,23,29 get us going and then 45 is such an arrival. I ask again: Where did she get that ass?! Love it! Thank you Victoria for sharing your nude beauty with us!

wheeler United States

RE: A Marked Improvement not easy to improve on perfection!

Laurie United Kingdom

My Meaning I couldn't agree more wheeler, she is stunning. My comment "A Marked Improvement" referred to the photographer, not the achingly gorgeous Victoria...

Victoria R sucking in spandex by Jon | October 26th, 2013
Victoria R sucking in spandex by Jon
wheeler United States

that would make a yummy video! :P

Lion_01 Netherlands

More potential I'm sorry to say, but I feel the potential of this series isn't used to full effect. The spandex/icecream theme doesnt make sense to me, they should have been used as separate themes. Now my interest was raised only after the spandex was removed. Also, as in earlier series, the lighting is too harsh which destroys some finer skin details. That said, Victoria has a truly heavenly body. #23 beautifully shows her devine profile, and from #74 on, when she lies down... and we get to see that tall slender body horizontally... mmmmm... #77 is even sexually loaded...

Roger United States

What Curves! What curves this girl has! Simply stunning! Check out the beautiful arc of her butt in photos 16 and 21 and in 50 her blessedly bare-naked buns go out there and then, out there! Wow!

windmill Netherlands

Victoria Victoria is a great model with a stunning beautiful body. In her complete nudity it shows best. The Ice Cream lolly melts ever so slow on this steamig girl.

Victoria R American Apparel girl by Jon | October 23rd, 2013
Victoria R American Apparel girl by Jon
wheeler United States

This "Jon" (whoever he is) has great potential! very nice set! (of course, a gorgeous lady to work with definitely helps!)

Roger United States

Where did she get that Ass? Love this series and Love Victoria! Another fantastic panties pull down in 24-29, done as it should be done, slowly and From Behind! What a gorgeous girl Victoria is and What an Ass! Shots 40-45 truly showcase her best Asset! It seems in photo 40 that she has almost "double buns" they rise so much! Truly extraordinary, and truly a joy to see Victoria nude! Thank you!

UglyBunny United States

I like to report a crime, it has to be illegal to have a body like this come one call the cops.

KOMET United States

RE: Where did she get that Ass? Roger, VICTORIA R is Brazilian (brasileira). Therein you have your answer. (Smile.) I speak as someone who has vacationed in Brazil numerous times through the years. The women there are a wonder to the senses. VICTORIA R has "uma bunda gostosa" (a yummy ass). The derriere or ass is the crowning glory for many Brazilian women.

Rowdy Thailand

HOT STRIP SHOW what a hottie .... what a body..... excellent strip show Victoria

Laurie United Kingdom

Victoria Denied I would like to see Victoria photographed by Hegre or Alya, I'm afraid Jon cannot quite capture the unique appeal of this achingly beautiful girl. And please, those outmoded shoes do not do her any favours...

Roger United States

RE: RE: Where did she get that Ass? Komet, I feel the depth and breadth of your smile. As one who loves a beautiful butt on a beautiful girl, I am stopped in my tracks by Victoria and her yummy ass! Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

Sandy France

much more potential Beautiful girl but something missing. Needs to loose the gear sooner and loose the 'modesty' hand. Some raunchy poses to see what she's made off is the order of the day, perhaps a massage to relax her!

Victoria R sexy sofa by Jon | October 19th, 2013
Victoria R sexy sofa by Jon
wheeler United States

lovely smile you have Ms R! stunning lady!

Lion_01 Netherlands

Almost too perfect Her heavenly body seems almost too perfect to be true. I wouldn't dare touch her if she stood naked in front of me, out of fear the vision might evaporate... As for this series, I think her make-up is way too much and the lighting is too harsh, masking her natural beauty and the beautiful fine structure of her skin. Plus, she keeps her lingerie on for far too long! A typical case of "less is more", both in terms of glamour and clothing!

Jeff Germany

WOW She is really Breathtaking.

Laurie United Kingdom

Lacks Ambition The setting offers such potential, the sofa a fabulous prop for beautiful Victoria to perform some seriously sensuous posing. The sofa arm presented opportunities for her to straddle, suggestively, both forwards and to greater effect in reverse, revealing her erogenous charms. Generally a pretty average set, apart from image 78, hinting eroticism, but the theme wasn't developed...

Roger United States

Outstanding Panty Pull-down Victoria is a Goddess and what an Ass! Photo 6 is extraordinary! The high point is the slow panty pull down from 84-92, done from behind and slowly as it should be done! Love seeing that butt-crack emerge from under those panties! Outstanding!

Greg Germany

Awesome! And finally a non-eastern european model again.

archcon United States

Victoria R What an incredible body, beautiful face, flawless skin and great nipples. WOW Please more of her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DrBab Italy

She's really awesome, and I die for envy for Petter who can work with such beauty but I have a little complain for picture I've seen (here and somewhere else in other sets). Because I like this site for its natural pictures, in my opinion only one thing is worse than a painted toenail: a RUINED paint! Petter, please, pay a little bit of attention! :-)

Roger United States

RE: Lacks Ambition Now it is my turn to tell you to be patient Laurie! I agree with you that this set did not develop fully but Victoria is new and gorgeous. Give her time.

Laurie United Kingdom

RE: RE: Lacks Ambition Roger, I was expressing my judgement on the photographer, not Victoria. I agree, she is new and extraordinarily pretty but the person behind the camera is directing the shoot and I felt this was a lost opportunity...

Roger United States

RE: RE: RE: Lacks Ambition Thank you for the reply Laurie. Maybe I agree with you after all!

JDV Canada

Gorgeous lady, but bad lighting and some contrived poses. It looks like the set stopped in the middle.

Victoria R first photos by Jon | October 6th, 2013
Victoria R first photos by Jon
Jeff Germany

Very nice set. Who's Jon?

wheeler United States

DAYUM!!! what an introduction!!! I CANNOT WAIT to see more of this sexy stunner!!!

Simon Switzerland


RICO Portugal

sexy BAMMM ... Hegre did it again ! What a stunner she is , welcome Vitoria , cant wait to see more from your sexy body .

Xavi Spain

Best Boobs -In all my years surfing naked models on the Internet I have never seen perfect boobs like this before. First I thought they had to be fake, bit looking closely in max resolution and from all angles I conclude they are real... or should I say unreal !!! Well done hegre-art.com to share with us.

MM United States

What a treat! Victoria is long, slim and simply gorgeous. Love the way she stretches out that lean body for us.

Casanova9 Bulgaria

Victoria R first photos I love to see that Victoria! Very pretty young lady !Perfect !

Snowpig United States

Cute. But I am just not excited by a woman with no bush. Okay, DominikaC is smokin hot< but half of that is her smile!

Auricman United States

Hi Victoria, you are beautiful. Hope to see more of you!

twobe1 United States

Victoria A truly gorgeous woman who would be sexier if she had some clothing on - not that I don't appreciate the bare facts.

Drummer United States

This young lady is smokin' hot! Her beautiful beasts & nipples are mesmerizing. Oh, and not to mention her backside! Gorgeous!

Rick United States

Mmmmmmmm Victoria is going to be favorite very quickly.....stunning! Love her nipples

markus United States

Victoria R just got an e-mail with victoria R in it. she is kinda squatting with her hands on her knees and her beautiful hair blowing in the wind.... my question , where is that picture in her shoot ?

John United Kingdom

Gorgeous I love totally nude shots...she is beautiful through and through. As I have a foot fetish too she has beautiful feet which I would love to see more of. Can't wait until she is in a massage!

Lion_01 Netherlands

Made in Brazil It's a bold statement to say that this is the most perfect body on Hegre, but I'm inclined to agree with you! Although in general I'm more into the puffy type of nipple, I must say her breasts are heavenly, along with her flawless skin, devine figure and impossibly long legs. This girl simply has it all, except maybe for a little tattoo on her left ankle saying "Made in Brazil"!

littletomy United States

one beautiful lady!!! can't wait to see ALL of Victoria

Peter Germany

Great addition Congratulations for finding another perfect model! Love it!

gatorman United States

Victoria Beautiful model. Boring photos. This could have been and should have been much better.

Bezore United States

Thank you for introducing us Victoria, you are stunning. When a model is tall and thin I really appreciate standing, head to toe photographs without the close up explicit shots that, IMO, are erotic but not art. Victoria is an outstanding model in her own right but she moves me in some ways the way Caro did. Poised, slightly aloof, incredibly sexy without trying. I look forward to getting to know Victoria better.

Laurie United Kingdom

Potentially... Victoria is an attractive woman without doubt but less make-up and more attitude would enhance her appeal considerably...

Mike_Fan United States

We gotta get this girl paired up with Mike

Roger United States

What an Ass! And what a gorgeous girl Victoria is! Welcome to Hegre! And What an Ass!

Rowdy Thailand

that's smoking hot what a beauty... what a hot body... WOW

Basia Poland

re Potentially I agree with Laurie - less makeup!

KOMET United States

VICTORIA R - QUE GATINHA LINDA! BEM VINDO, VICTORIA R. Mulher gostosa! Brazil has some of the most beautiful women do mundo. Without question, she and Mike should be paired together for a series of photo shoots and a hot video with both their bodies oiled-down.

Mark United States

Victoria Victoria is a work of art! What a beauty and what an amazing body. I love this pure nude study. It is the best way to celebrate the beauty of a naked woman. I love the varied shots showing every beautiful detail of her body. Great stuff!

Roger United States

RE: Victoria Mark, are you back? Haven't seen your comments in a while. Hope we can get the dialogue going again.

delavignette Belgium

Victoria R first 140 photos were not too many for me ! I've just seen "story of Adele", the winner of Canne festival 2013. Victoria, you could be Adele. Be happy !

Victoria R Films COMMENTS

Victoria R Slow Motion | July 8th, 2014
Victoria R Slow Motion
Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Victoria - Slow Motion Beautiful smile. Beautiful body. Beautiful mover. Just beautiful.

Kel United States

Easily, the best Victoria R to date (video or picture set.) Slow motion was invented for someone like her. She looks absolutely great. Starting off with the t-shirt with nothing underneath was a stroke of genius and she wears it well (and then not of course!), and it was nice to see her smile and have fun. A well done sexy video!

wheeler United States

LOVE!!! nuff sed!

Doc United Kingdom

Victoria R Fabulous piece of erotic art, well done. Add some pubic hair, and you were approaching perfection!

Hardhead Singapore

Everything is Awesome Everything is cool when you're part of a team Everything is Awesome, when we're living our Dream

twobe1 United States

Hail Victoria Inspired artistic effort. Sensual and seductive with suggestions of ancient Greek art (had they modern technology to work with). I loved it until Victoria took off the shirt, and while still alluring, it devolved into erotica rather than keeping to the high road. Yes, I know, this is an erotic site, yet, every piece doesn't have to be explicit, doesn't have to be in your face.

mmrump United States

Nice work here This is some of the better soft-core I have seen

Herr Lich Germany

who needs futebol? Brazilians should be proud of her instead! Funny though, that the Brazilian model is the one that doesn't show a brazilian but shaving pimples. Which don't make her less perfect - just real. Still I got a complaint: you can see the makeup, which makes it a bad makeup. I'd rather have her without anything at all. How about that?

Maik Germany

slow motion Love it. Very well done. As others said, best of Victoria R so far. Some nit-picking allowed? Light still flickers, please fix it for future slow-mo-shoots. And then those transition-fx, light-leaks, they get boring real quickly and they're not needed for your films anyway, as they're already pieces of art. And please avoid heavy cropping in post, the resulting jump between softer "close-ups" and sharp hd-images destroys a bit of the flow. But all that is nothing big and this film is great.

Mike1050 United States

A very nice piece, graced by a model who actually looks like she is enjoying what she is doing. Too many of the models here appear either wooden, bored, or, even worse, angry. But Victoria does a wonderful job, right up there with Gia and Noma Hill!

wheeler United States

RE: Hail Victoria this is actually one of the LESS "in your face" things on this site, lately!

neo001x United Kingdom

Victoria R Miss victoria r would be MORE if she was more pussy trimmed, she would get awards from me if she did.

neo001x United Kingdom

Victoria R Miss victoria r would be MORE if she was more pussy trimmed, she would get awards from me if she did. For me personaly i would like to see to trimmed, thank you.

zorro United Kingdom


freestyle550 United Kingdom

One of my favourite videos from this site,Victoria is beautiful and she has better moves than most of the Brazilian soccer team:)

dondiego United States

Mr Hegre let me say you have a great idea with the slow motion! WOW , i like the speed better here then the one with Heidi. I'm going to buy the wife a see thru tee shirt right now. Victoria is so perfect, so natural....oh my

Roger United States

Stunning Victoria! Truly one of the most stunningly beautiful videos I have ever seen! Victoria is now the "It" girl for me on Hegre, the one I wait for to see. This video truly gels: the music, the slow undressing to full nudity, it all fits together. I realize now that a bouncing girl is the best way for her to show off and express her nude beauty. Seeing Victoria's tits bounce made me love them as I never had before! Thank you Victoria!!

paul United Kingdom

please, grow ur pubic hairs victoria grow some pubes and excite me

Roger United States

The Appropriate Progression In addition to the stunning Victoria, this film has the appropriate progression from clothed to fully nude with delight uncoverings of her delightfully curved bare buns, tits, and, continuing the progression, much applauded close ups of Victoria's lovely cunt lips. A job well done! Thank you Victoria!

David United States

RE: The Appropriate Progression I wouldn't call a translucent tank top "fully clothed" but I mostly agree with you.

Roger United States

RE: RE: The Appropriate Progression Thanks for the comment. Yes I have always felt that progression can be such an important erotic quality for a video. Let us hope we also progress to more videos of gorgeous Victoria!

snizzled New Zealand

victoria is victoria is unwilling to have a full tantric massage unclothed then just let her keep her top on.

Victoria R The Making Of The Aquarium Shoot | April 1st, 2014
Victoria R The Making Of The Aquarium Shoot
MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Victoria - Aquarium Shoot Different, but...?. Victoria is a beautiful woman and seemed to enjoy the shoot, but the scope for developing the scenario was limited by the very restrictive space inside the glass box. Had it been larger, she could have been more expansively varied in what she could do.

Bezore United States

Cubism This got me thinking inside the box

Maik Germany

BTS Thats a very lovely look behind the scenes. Just a bit short. Victoria is great and gorgeous. It's nice to see how much she enjoys it. The setup is creative and inspiring. I agree, taking this into a bigger tank would be even cooler. Oh and yes, i drooled over the slow-mos, nothing can beat a naked girl and some water in that area. ;) But guys, you really need to step up your film-recording. 1080p in 2014? Come on! You have to shoot 6k, you know what i'm talking about. You and your models deserve only the best, like you have it for your outstanding stills-work. Again, great to watch this type of stuff. Thanks. Maybe consider doing more BTS-stuff and add a extra section for that?

HardHead Singapore

Victoria Week About time we got Victoria R week

Naked Travel Canada

This is a new favorite film of mine! A truly excellent BTS which capture the essence of the shoot - great music. Thanks for letting us hear her talk. I wonder if she's a dual citizen Brazilian - French? Anyway I definitely fell in love with Victoria and Jon with this film. AWESOME!

Rico Portugal

Amazing .... super sexy Victoria R ... for me one the best models lately ... So sexy seeing her moving in the water . Sexyyyy moves !

Jean-Pierre Belgium

small tank is good wait guys, because it's a small tank we can see Victoria's hot tight body which fits perfectly to the small tank, pressing it against the glass and appreciate it from different angles. Simple background and nice acid music, the trademark of Hegre-art videos I appreciate so much. Nice to hear her voice too , talking in French with the photographer.

CCRiderr United States

Victoria Beautiful use of the small tank to accent her body. Great concept of 'keep it simple". Awesome model and the behind scenes banter makes it even more sexy. Thanks to both.

Alain Belgium

Music The music did it for me. always nice to know : MUSIC BY .........??????

DOUGIE United States

Victoria R - Aquarium Shoot Sorry, but I must disagree. Beautiful young women , however not near as "sensual" as the majority of Peter's works.

Roger United States

Nude, Carefree, Unchoreographed, and Delightful! What a delightful film and what a step forward from Victoria's previous work! Although she is stunningly gorgeous and we are always fortunate that she lets us see her nude, Victoria's previous shoots have been a bit static and a bit too much closed-leg standing nude. In this film, she is allowed to break free in a most delightful way. There is something erotic about awkwardness or unrehearsed-ness when girls pose nude. It gives a sense of carefree naturalness, which is after all what nudity is. Smiling carefree and nude, Victoria tries to fit into a obviously too small tank. The awkwardness brings spontaneity and smiles which are erotic, but also forces her to shift position so she at long last breaks out of the standard nude poses we have seen up to now. The result is not only much better looks at her stunning full pouty labia and lovely tight anus, but she is smiling and laughing during the shoot! Bravo Victoria! I would welcome other members comments in response!

Victoria R Wet Show by Jon | January 7th, 2014
Victoria R Wet Show by Jon
wheeler United States

kisses to you too, my dear! so nice to finally see this goddess in motion! and, what a film debut it was! this Jon's a lucky guy!

Sandy United Kingdom

Oh dear She remains extremely beautiful but boring. Suspect it is another Jon production. When are we going to see Victoria in all her glory with less staid shoots

archcon37 United States

I hope the shower drain is connected to a bottle beneath the floor, because I want to buy that bottle of water and drink it with my meals.

GoodSamurai Japan

RE:Oh dear 100% Agree !!

Roger United States

Well, one of my prayers has been answered: looking at Victoria nude on film! Lovely! Now for the second prayer: a look at her tight little asshole! Here's hoping!

Roger United States

7:34-7:46 7:34-7:46 is 12 seconds of Paradise!

ailefroide Belgium

Victoria R sexy shower 18/20

Hegre-fan United Kingdom

Thank you for the smile and the kiss Victoria - a beautiful way to end an exceptionally beautiful video.

United Kingdom

please be trimmed

Justplaying United States

A beauty from Brazil. Very nice Victoria, Thank You

Victoria R Massage COMMENTS

Brazilian Beauty Massage | July 1st, 2014
Brazilian Beauty Massage
Hardhead United States

Back to basic massage. It's nice to see this again.

Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Brazilian Beauty Massage An excellent video. It had some techniques that seemed more suitable for a 'sports physiotherapy' massage than for aesthetic (beauty) purposes. (That's an observation, not a criticism, because it is helpful to know how to massage somebody before or after physical exercise). To change the subject, it has been several months since we saw a Tantric massage. As a student of Tantra, I know that Bara, (the new Tantra Therapist and Masseuse), has already made a video for Hegré-Art, so when will members be able to see her in action?.

Ben Australia

Why Is there no Clitoral contact? Very few videos and/or pictures have much Clitoral action? I have to say the video's and picture's you produce is great but, I just want that bit more enjoyment!

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: Basic being the operative word!! When I saw Victoria was the model I knew this video would be disappointing and I wasn't surprised at the result, mildly sexy with no close-up filming. Suspect Jon was in the wings directing, which to me has spoilt a very beautiful girl possibly lightening up, and she may have even enjoyed an erotic massage.

masjan Denmark

No pussy contact I tend to agree with Ben. This is a physio massage (and as such very nicely done) but I would prefer that you concentrate on bringing welness and sexual massages. Some of your finest massage videos include tantric massage and oritntaæ massages with beautiful closeups of labia and clitoris being stimulated. Such videos will be much preferred - by me at least.

masjan Denmark

RE: Why Is there no Clitoral contact? I fully agree!

Jeff Germany

Did you see how much more beautiful Victoria is with only a very discreet make-up?

stever United Kingdom

Kinda boring? I mean, if Hegre had released this video four years ago, most members would probably have thought it was very good. However, things have moved on, and a much more sensual - sexual even - massage is what most people want. I'm not saying everyone does, but in my opinion, most. It is a well filmed study of a beautiful girl being massaged by another lady. And that's kinda boring now, it just is.

windmill Netherlands

RE: Brazilian Beauty Massage Your observations and queries are exactly like mine. I am possitive about this exploration of a pure physical massage. Victoria is a stunning beauty and a marvelous body to see. Touching in such intended close body contact is a joy to see. Like you say I am curious about the new Tantra therapist and the first video to see.

Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Erotica A taste for high class erotica becomes addictive and the more you get of it the more you want, in stronger doses, until it verges on porn.(Interesting that I instinctively used the word 'verges' here because, in French, 'la verge' means 'the penis').

wheeler United States

agreeing with hardhead...it's nice to see beauty just for the sake of seeing beauty! I don't need to see this woman's crotch in my face to enjoy her! (not that I would mind it...in moderation! but, again, she has much more than that to look at!)

Maggie and Pete United States

We disagree with those who favor "softer" content like this. A straight massage is alright, but one that opens the sexual side of the model is much more to our liking. Her/his arousal, sexual parts, intimate secrets, genitals all are beautiful. Passion is beautiful. Bodies are beautiful... all parts of them. Beautiful nudes are more common. Beautifully photographed sexuality is very rare. Please give us more of that. Sexual contact, filmed with your artistry is really what we love to see.

Mits United States

Erotic If this will be a realistic massage, would like to see her undress, and maybe where some sexy lingerie underneath.. making it more erotic.. too me it was boring...

Lewis United States

relaxing Watching Victoria get a massage is relaxing.Surrendering to a good masseuse is a very wonderful time. I enjoy looking at Victoria's body yet at the same time I want to get a massage myself. Besides being erotic it comes off as being natural.

Roger United States

A Study in Nude Beauty What a treat to see Victoria nude for so long. Loved staring at her butt and butt crack shown straight on for extended periods! Thank you Victoria!

Justplaying United States

Very nice lady's. Victoria is a beauty. Thank You