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Victoria R

Victoria R Profile

Victoria R
Name: Victoria R
Country: Brazil
Weight: 49kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

Sexy, Seductive and Spectacular

Victoria loves to dance. With a passion for ballet, she sees her body as a physical instrument. She’s tight, toned and tantalizing.

Victoria is a true Brazilian beauty – the perfect combination of powerful seduction and raw passion. And with that ass, there can be no doubt about her heritage.

Victoria likes to be naked – which is good news for everyone. At just 19 years old, she is totally comfortable in her own skin. In fact, we think Victoria would walk the streets naked if she were allowed.

Make sure you’re sitting down; this unique body is simply incredible (even by our high standards). If you and God could sit down together and create the perfect female body – this would be the result.

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Victoria R Galleries

Victoria R fitness May 9th, 2015
Her body is just totally unreal. Where did she get it? Sure not on this planet!!
Vicroria R fitness
I love your smile too, and not only !
Perfect Form!
Victoria's sleek sexy physique certainly takes your breath away. She is one heart pounding hottie!
If only all Yoga books were like this. :)
Victoria R fitness
I love your smile. Peter

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Victoria R optical illusions April 25th, 2015
RE: Surreal Seductress?
what he said :P
Surreal Seductress?
My eyes don't lie. Victoria is the real deal. A Magical Muse!
very good
Dull, dull, dull. And as usual, most of the frame is wasted in blank white space.
Victoria R beach classics April 10th, 2015
Stop Photoshopping her Legs, please!
Just give us the pure thing. That is all we want.
Very beautiful! Love this gallery
RE: Victoria R Classics
not quite sure how to take that, Kolobok81! lol is that good or bad?
I'm a big fan of classic black&white nudes. Why not go for a monochrome monday or something?
I wholeheartedly second the sentiments of McNasty999 with respect to this photo series. Indeed, I regard it as the finest photo series that VICTORIA R has yet done with Hegre-art. Black & White is THE IDEAL MEDIUM for both accentuating the pristine beauty and sensuality of the Nude Woman and for titillating the deepest emotions of the beholder. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PHOTO SERIES. (Now, if only MURIEL would return to be highlighted fully nude and in B&W. Sigh!)
YES!!!THIS is art!!! more of this, PLEASE!!!
Victoria R Classics
Are you kidding me? B&W? WTF?
Black & White
Absolutely love the B&W photos... a whole new dimension, and Victoria looks fabulous. Next project, Rose in B&W, please.
Yes, this is Beach Classics - and Classic beauty! I know that Victoria is paid (and probably paid well) for exposing her body like this, but she actually seems to like it when she takes the various poses on the Beach. I bow my head in deep devotion and can only thank Nature for giving us such a perfect body.

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Victoria R stars and stripes March 14th, 2015
RE: bottom
I have always felt the same Thirsty. I too cannot get enough of Victoria's Butt! It just keeps going out there and out there! What a treasure. And such a gorgeous girl!
Can't stop looking at Victoria's bottom. It's as if there's a sign that says "place hand here"
Yes Yes YES Victoria has such a beaming smile, Thank you for sharing .
RE: retouching
you have better eyes than I! I see no retouching! victoria simply looks STUNNING!!!
Victoria R... rocking the Stars and Stripes..... woop woop
do it Girl !!! and come see me in the USA !!! LOL
Great to see Victoria smiling and nude! What an ass she has and what a face! Those sideways photos really show how extraordinary her butt is. My only criticism is the lack of a shot from behind with Victoria kneeling.
A great smile. :)
Patriotic Playmate
Old Glory meets glorious pretty young thing - a mesmerizing match. The Stars and Stripes never looked more dazzling! Flagpoles everywhere are at full mast!
I've always loved this site for the quality of the photography. The resolution and detail combined with the incredible models is something I haven't seen anywhere else. My only disappointment is that I seem to be seeing more and more retouching. These girls are so naturally beautiful. Please reconsider. Other than that, great site!!!
Victoria R pearls part 2 February 16th, 2015
To state wiser, far more concise, artist, whose words best summarise my present... let's say admiration: sweet dreams are made of this. I know mine are.
Victoria R pearl 2
40 galleries since october 2013. And always happy to see you. A pearl with pearls. Good idea. 40 galleries en 15 mois. Et toujours autant de plaisir à vous regarder. Une perle entourée de perles. Excellente idée.
VICTORIA R FULLY NUDE. Perfect timing for CARNAVAL (which is now in full swing throughout Brasil) this year.
Flawless Beauty
Victoria is so fucking hot.