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Victoria R

Victoria R Profile

Victoria R
Name: Victoria R
Country: Brazil
Weight: 49kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

Sexy, Seductive and Spectacular

Victoria loves to dance. With a passion for ballet, she sees her body as a physical instrument. She’s tight, toned and tantalizing.

Victoria is a true Brazilian beauty – the perfect combination of powerful seduction and raw passion. And with that ass, there can be no doubt about her heritage.

Victoria likes to be naked – which is good news for everyone. At just 19 years old, she is totally comfortable in her own skin. In fact, we think Victoria would walk the streets naked if she were allowed.

Make sure you’re sitting down; this unique body is simply incredible (even by our high standards). If you and God could sit down together and create the perfect female body – this would be the result.

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Victoria R Galleries

Victoria R sculpturesque July 18th, 2015
Victoria, Siempre.
Una Diosa..., y Una Preciosa Princesa, también. ¡Enhorabuena desde España, Peter! Bravo, Maestro.
That ass!
I have a boner now!
Perfectly Chiseled Charmer
Victoria's sexy sleek silhouette really rocks my world!
aaaahhh!!! I was beginning to miss lovely Victoria! so nice to see you again, my dear !
Victoria R on the Bed

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Victoria R street flashing June 14th, 2015
RE: Video
agreed! although, I would hope that (unlike Emily's recent public endeavor) my eyes would have time to focus!)
Traffic Stopper!
No need for a stop sign at this intersection. Victoria is one eye-catching road side attraction. Quite the distraction!
Please. In situations like these, the model's personality shines through. I still consider the Anna S. Eiffel Tower video with all her shyness one of the best videos ever.
Victoria R written in the sand May 31st, 2015
RE: Vika R Written in Sand
I happen to like artsy fartsy! this is why I subscribe to this site! it's called Hegre-ART for a reason! more black and white, please!
RE: Black and white
Disagree entirely it only highlights she forgot to shave this morning!!
Black and white
I really do like the black and white .I would like to see more.
Excelent Idea B&W
Black & White is a very nice way to see photo art Congratulations to the photographer and the Model
Vika R Written in Sand
If HA really wants to be artsy fartsy then give these B&W sets in large format film media. Otherwise don't cheat your customers. I want color high-definition shots in digital format. You guys ain't Bresson or Adams.
Victoria R written ...
I like so much when you smile. J'adore quand tu souris.
Love the black and white photography!
Victoria R fitness May 9th, 2015
Ah! it's good to be back! and Victoria is a wonderful welcome! this is yet another set I'd love to see a video counterpart to!
I never thought I would be complimenting Victoria for any gallery apart from for her radiant beauty but this one does deserve comment as it goes a long way to what I expect models to produce on your site. I am a little disappointed that you seem to be not willing to post most negative comments as I feel that this gives a distorted view of subscribers views. I subscribe for the diversity on your site but there are some models in my view do not cut the mustard with what they are expected to reveal. There are many photographic and hardcore sites but I love the Hegre balance which is why I keep subscribing. I hope you will print my comment as I only want the models to support the same content of Rose, Emily Valerie and the many other models who make this site great. Keep up the good work Victoria you will make me a converted fan with a little more eroticism.
Her body is just totally unreal. Where did she get it? Sure not on this planet!!
Vicroria R fitness
I love your smile too, and not only !
Perfect Form!
Victoria's sleek sexy physique certainly takes your breath away. She is one heart pounding hottie!
If only all Yoga books were like this. :)
Victoria R fitness
I love your smile. Peter

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Victoria R optical illusions April 25th, 2015
RE: Surreal Seductress?
what he said :P
Surreal Seductress?
My eyes don't lie. Victoria is the real deal. A Magical Muse!
very good
Dull, dull, dull. And as usual, most of the frame is wasted in blank white space.