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Katie | Ukraine Galleries: 10
Photo of Katie


Photo of Katie
Name: Katie
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 48kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Student

Lights, Camera… Action

Katie dreams of the bright lights of Hollywood. She wants to be a star, with the world’s paparazzi at her door. And she’s ambitious, hoping one day to accept a small golden statue!

This is no pipedream for the 20 year-old from Kiev. Katie has the talent, currently studying her third year at acting school (the same academy that our own lovely Emily and Dakota attended).

And one thing’s for sure: she has the looks. Blond hair, blue eyes and the kind of body you want to pour cream over and lick clean.

Her dream role? She wants to be the star of a high-profile soap, playing the sexy and seductive girl next door. She wants the role of the heartbreaker, the sassy seducer of men who wrecks every relationship within a mile of her.

One day the world will know who Katie is. But for now, she’s all yours: totally and utterly naked.

Katie Galleries COMMENTS

Katie camel toe | November 19th, 2014
Katie camel toe
Voyeur United States

Kate is a beautiful lady and this set is quite exciting. I'm not even sure why, but I really enjoyed it. Would have been improved if Kate was willing to share more of her intimate glory. Not a criticism, just a wish.

Bernard Netherlands

Un vagin délicieux indescriptible Kate has an indescribably delicious vagina. It isn’t a "little box", but an beautiful aesthetic cave with wonderful big fat lips, mmmmmmmmm.... Her shaved pussy gets the highest score. Holland gives 10 points to Ukraine.

ailefroide Belgium

Katie camel toe Don't stop smiling.

TopCat United States

Drug of Choice. Caution: Too much Katie will turn us all into crack addicts. Irresistible!

Katie bathroom fun | July 14th, 2014
Katie bathroom fun
wheeler United States

still needs to turn on the water. but, katie is lovely, as always

Scofield United States

Yum! She seems to have turned her own water on and needs someone to lick her clean. I'll happily volunteer for the job!

United States


Laury Bulgaria


francesco Italy Italy

Love to see a model who loves so much to expose her self. And what a smooth shave!

ailefroide Belgium

Katie bathroom So lovely eyes, so levely smiling, so lovely body, so lovely ... So desirable.

Katie craving | June 5th, 2014
Katie craving
wheeler United States

katie is very craveable, indeed!

Roger United States

Katie Katie knows how to show her lovely holes! Thank you Katie!

Sunnyboy Germany

Katie Sensational...

Bobble United States

Katie Sparkling eyes, glistening smile, beautiful long hair ... what more could a man desire ?

Runkeeper United States

Katie Katie's of the most beautiful pics of her and her amazing vulva and perfectly proportioned kitty cat. Down right sexy! Deserves a few licks and several soft kisses. Nice gallery! Good job. Thank you.

Maik Germany

RE: Katie Bobble, you are so right, Katie is a flawless beauty. But there is more. You know you can talk with some of the most wonderful young ladies here and from the few times i had the pleasure to talk with Katie i can tell you there is a inspiring and lovely soul inside who shares thoughts of wisdom and fun at the same time. About your question, i can tell you exactly what more a HegreArt-member could desire. Finally Katie in films and more Katie overall!

ailefroide Belgium

Katie craving Comme un ocean ... Like an ocean ... of beauty, of provocation, of happyness, etc ... Thanks.

don United States

nice set

Katie labia love | April 17th, 2014
Katie labia love
pierhart54 Italy

The pusy of Katie Beautiful gallery!!!! How splendid pussy and that position marvelous!!!! As I would want to be that hand that every now and then covers the pussy, be to direct I contact with the meat of the pussy!!!!

MrBloom Italy

Beautiful beyond belief.

Anthony United States

Horny and juicy I do so love the love juice oozing from her lips. She must be near orgasm.

EmmSea Australia

Yes! Yes! This is what I subscribe for. A beautiful woman on her own, beautifully lit and beautifully photographed.

Pulseight69 Australia

Labia Love Delighted to see a set that has not been tampered with. Would have made a stunning video:-) Way better than 'Reality' TV!!:-) Thanks to Katie for being honest.

Pulseight69 Australia

RE: Yes! I totally agree on all points. A beautiful model displaying her excited pussy is a sight to behold!! Great work from all involved!! How about the video?? Equally explicit??

wheeler United States

once again, I must say I love the lady! not just her pussy! (but, that's impressive too)

Jamesrjs United States

So Sweet and oh, so Sexy! Well, Katie is an instant favorite; what big, expressive eyes and beautiful smile! Her eyes and face tell you right away that she's a Sweetheart. (And yes, I too appreciate her beautiful pussy, it is exciting to see her excited; her pussy makes a lovely camel toe when she stands too; all beautiful.) She does indeed have it all. (Can't keep my eyes off photo #19; scanning from her delicious, milky pussy--and gorgeous thighs--and then on up through her midriff, glorious hair to her incredible face, eyes and smile, it's all wonderful!)

Jamesrjs United States

RE: Photo number 12 In this photo Katie is just Sooo Charming!

Rainer Germany

Was für ein schöner, absolut schamloser Nackedei, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Katie exposed | March 26th, 2014
Katie exposed
wheeler United States

lovely! I do hope we get to see this lady in motion soon!

Maik Germany

Katie in motion Great photos, Katie is always a highlight here, not just another truly stunning beauty from the ukraine. I agree, Katie in motion is something i am really missing. Please invite her for some film-work and massages. Thanks a lot in advance.

slave to women United States

Great Body You have a HOT body, sexy and erotic. Classy

ailefroide Belgium

Katie exposed What a lovely face. I love your smile.

Jim D United States

Super Poses! Exquisite poses of Katie, Peter! Love how they show off Katie's incredibly sexy, lickable bare soles! Stunning work once again Peter, keep it up.

Katie body scapes | March 12th, 2014
Katie body scapes
tossoffdw United States

So Fine I love those fine blonde vellus hairs on her belly, ass, and thighs. Great camera work. So sexy.

buzz United States

Most beautiful pussy I have ever laid eyes on…could spend some quality time down there!

Mazungu United Kingdom

So So nice Katie has the most beautiful pussy ever .love her innocence looks and her eyes are magical .a perfect body all rolled in one

wheeler United States

lovely! hope we get a body scapes video too

Simonas United Kingdom

Katie Body Scapes Gorgeous! What a physique! Firm muscular body and she has lovely skin texture which the camera really reveals. And as for her pussy - yes, beautiful. I join the queue asking for a video, (pussy massage perhaps?)

ailefroide Belgium

Katie body scapes Very smart slideshow.

Han62 Germany

Katie body scapes A real breathtaking set, she so wonderful and sensual. Thank you very much for this pleasure.

Jamesrjs United States

Katie Beautiful girl, absolutely perfect pussy, so prominently displayed in this set, so sexy.

Katie high key nudes | December 26th, 2013
Katie high key nudes
GoodSamurai Japan

Lingerie I. personally, think that Katie`s lingerie is the best one !!! Peter, you should think about the lingerie for the one of a kind girl like Katie,,,,, We are not looking only pussy !

zorro United Kingdom

nice set. particularly liked the rear views.

johnnyp United States

WOW! Gorgeous.

ailefroide Belgium

Katie hig key nudes nineteen out of twenty, at least.

harry Germany

how about showing some girls with piercings?

Roger United States

RE: I agree Zorro, the rear views are indeed extraordinary. Shots 22-33 show the panty pull down as it Should be done: slowly and from behind! Photo 76 is outstanding: Katie arches her butt up so erotically, and both her tight little asshole and full succulent cunt lips are in delightfully full view! Thank you Katie!

Erekhart Germany

Panties I really like the way Katie's panties still dangle around her legs when she's already fully naked.

Sandy United Kingdom

great butt! Gorgeous apart from those tattoos. In my eyes a beautiful girl ruined in minutes by someone for the sake of what some think is art!

scooterbum United States

Very Beautiful Hey Mike, She looks like she could use a massage....

ailefroide Belgium

Katie high key nudes Top ten ? Or top three ? Perhaps top one ...

Katie pantyhose | December 12th, 2013
Katie pantyhose
Lion_01 Netherlands

Katie's a great and utterly delectable girl. The focus on her pantyhose sadly doesn't do enough justice to her.

Dave United States

Katie Katie has is all. Beautiful body and face, and a wonderful smile. I'll bet she could warm up a cold Ukrainian winter night !!

Mupsje Netherlands Antilles

Film When can whe see à massage film from this lady??

wheeler United States

she's cute. as I've said before, I think the hose are corny

mike65 Germany

not yet , poor - because we can not see the cute baresoles from divine katie and the pantyhose is realy ugly !!! disapointed...

Katie on deck | November 24th, 2013
Katie on deck
wheeler United States

hey, why not? if us guys can go topless outside!lol (although, it'as a little chilly for it right now)

Laurie United Kingdom

Understated Charm Katie's eyes sparkle in a delightfully feminine visage, pretty mouth, the whole framed by a wave of natural hair. A fair skin of subtle shades and silky texture, the flavour sullied by mindless "body art".

gator United States

Katie On Deck Katie is a beautiful young lady with a tight little body but I find her tats a bit of a turnoff.

Dave United States

Katie !! Katie is absolutely beautiful !! Beautiful hair and blue eyes. What a doll. I have talked to her via the Live Cam. She has a personality to match !! She is a 'drop dead' gorgeous woman. I wish I could meet her !! Thank You Katie !!

delavignette Belgium

Katie I love Katie's SMILING nudes ...

harry Germany

so we have some models with tattoos - why not with piercings?

Lion_01 Netherlands

Magic mix Katie is that magic mix of sweet little girl and ravishingly hot young woman - go on and meet her on the livecams and you'll know exactly what I mean!

Laurie United Kingdom

Rear-admirer What an utterly gorgeous fuckable little arse, I would love to spread my load between her delicious cheeks...

ailefroide Belgium

Katie on deck Perhaps my best experience of a very long "pleasure". Thanks.

Katie first set | November 13th, 2013
Katie first set
wheeler United States

Katie wants to be on a soap, huh? well, they're slowly, but surely going the way of the dinosaur in USA! but, this young starlet just might cause a revival!

mike65 Germany

Katie Wow - what a women !! she is so cute so naturell beautyfull and have the candid erotic perfection !! :-) please make much more shots/galleries from her :-) Mike

Benno Belgium

Why all cute girls have tattoos ? Very cute girl. Pretty face, great body. But why do all these girls ruin their body with tattoos (well, that's what I think of course) ?

Lion_01 Netherlands

Fine young lady! What a fine and desirable young lady she is! Simple but nice setting and great poses. The leg fetishist in me is once again very satisfied! Enough said now, I'm hurrying back to picture # 74!!

United States

I'm an ass man so I love this set and all the views of her gorgeous bottom, she is super cute, her laser smooth pussy and anus are a photogenic masterpiece, yum yum

Roger United States

Welcome Katie! What an opening! With lots of openings! Starting from photo 25 the set really takes off. And it is heartwarming to see in photos 63 and 64 that Katie is enjoying this set too! A warm welcome to Hegre Katie!

Rico Portugal

Magic Welcome Katie :) . I have to agree with Roger , after picture 25 the hegre magic starts , give us mroe please . Thnaks.

delavignette Belgium

Katie first Congratulations.

Rick United States

Wow Her pussy is soaked with cum....delicious!

GoodSamurai Japan

Bingo I have been waiting sooooo long to see like this woman Katie ! Let`s see how Katie goes after the first set. Conrats Peter and Katie !

tuzhdop United States

Katie very attractive. tattoos detract from her beauty.

Francesco Italy

Katie first So cute, so perfectly smooth! And she really enjoyes being shoted nude.

Roger United States

RE: I most heartily concur. Simply stunning to see Katie smilingly display both her tight smooth little anus and cunt so well and over so many photos. Love these "two-hole" shots! Thank you Katie!

Isurus Australia

Hello Katie Hello Katie, I'm so glad you came here to show us your perfect body. Another beautiful rose for Petre's collection.



Oiluj Guatemala

RE:Wow That's no cum! It's her own delicious pussy cream...

Rainer Germany

Was für ein schöner, schamloser Nackedei, herrlich, wie sie ihr feuchtes Fötzchen zeigt, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

Roger United States

RE: RE:Wow Good eyes Oiluj! Right you are! It is her own delicious pussy cream from her being turned on by photographed nude!

Rocketman-2 Switzerland

wow I love you Katie. I wanna fuck you night and day

harry Germany

Katie, Tattoos Hi, I certainly like her tattoos. Just wonder when we are going to see a cute girl with a nice pussy piercing. What are your thoughts on this? Harry

Sandy United Kingdom

Spoilt for me Beautiful girl, amazing body obviously enjoyed the shoot but spoilt for me by the tattoos. Why do so many young girls these days mutilate their flawless bodies with 'tramp stamps' is beyond me. Piercings in nipples, clitoris and vulva are jewellery and can be removed easily but tattoos? Katie you're gorgeous but for me you could have been better still without the pictures!

ailefroide Belgium

Katie first Good luck and thanks.

Anthony United States

Juicy Love the pussy cream. It shows how horny she gets from showing it to us. I would bet she could have an orgasm without touching it from just knowing we are watching.