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Gia Hill and Noma

Gia Hill and Noma Profile

Gia Hill and Noma
Name: Gia Hill and Noma
Country: USA
Weight: 66kg
Height: 186cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Models

Two bodies, one personality

Meet the identical twins, 22, from Florida, USA. These striking girls are two bodies but just one unique personality. So for the first time we have one profile for two models.

And what bodies. Not just tall, they tower above other models. In fact, they’re the tallest models Petter Hegre has ever worked with. And while they may look like refined catwalk models, they’re actually more likely to be chilling out with their feet up, munching peanut butter sandwiches.

Surprisingly, both the twins have difficulty holding on to boyfriends (so you still have a chance!). Their bond is so deep and strong it’s hard for any man to come between them.

Coming from small town Florida, they were picked on as kids due to their remarkable bodies. But, united, nothing could touch them. They’ve grown into very playful, confident and sexually open women.

They share the same incredible looks, but also a bond that can only exist between twins. With these models, you really do get twice the pleasure.

Gia Hill nudes by Noma June 22nd, 2015
RE: Gia Hill Nudes by Noma
I see nothing wrong with this set! very well done, indeed! keep up the good work!
Gia Hill by omaVous êtes
Vous m'avez surpris par votre créativité. You succeeded in surprising me, very beautiful slide show. Merci.
Gia Hill Nudes by Noma
Too many snaps poorly focused because of camera shake. Use a tripod and e-shutter release cable. Please.
Gia Hill and Noma synchronized twins May 21st, 2015
seein' double
Pretty. Seriously. Awesome.
nice to see these two sexy gymnasts again! much more to come, I hope!
Twister Sisters
Would love to get tangled up between these two tempting teasers. Double Trouble!
Acting as if they have all their clothes on and dancing on a large stage. Well brought to image.
Gia and Noma ... twins ?
Gia and Noma look twins, indeed. Amazing show. Congratulations.
Mowby Dick
Amazing, More Please
Gia & Noma
Yes, they looks twins, pretty small tits with nice pussy and ass. Great

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Gia Hill explicit nudes by Noma November 28th, 2014
Gia Hill explicit nudes by Noma
really nice!!
GIA HILLWunderschön die schamlippen
Hallo, wunderschön die entfallteten Schamlippen - wie ein Schmetterling
Gia by Noma
The Hill twins are two of the hottest models you've ever had; and Noma is obviously a budding genius photographer. Hope to see more of both of them.
GIA HILL - Statuesque Nude
GIA brings to mind Pygmalion who was miraculously made flesh because of its maker's love for what had been a colossus nude woman marble statue.
looks like another budding artist is blooming!
Gia Hill concrete nudes by Noma October 9th, 2014
Why no mor ass shots_
This is probably one of the most beautiful asses of the entire Hegre's collection, however only a few picture of her ass are avaliable...why?
Gia Hill
I would prefer no pussy hair at all, perhaps waxed or whatever does a good job.
lovely! and, once again, it would be wonderful to see them trade places!
Gia Hill and Noma
Still different and always so beautiful. Encore différent et toujours aussi beau.
Gia Hill and Noma trouble twins August 25th, 2014
Not sexy?
Speak for yourself. Two beautiful young women, naked, and obviously extremely flexible. I found the submissive style photos on the floor extremely erotic.
I would much prefer smooth shaves rather than stubble pussy hair. The ladies are beautiful but look unkempt. Either unshaved or properly shaved although I much prefer shaved. Then I can imagine the smooth velvet feel.
re: james michaels
I found it to be both! nice to see some actual ART on hegre art!
Trouble Twins
I did not find this at all sexy. What I did find was work that was artistically sensational.
Again wow
Trouble Twins
Gia Hill and Noma are as sexy as ever, and both so entirely natural and at ease in front of the camera! Excellent set.