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Rose Profile

Name: Rose
Country: France
Weight: 47kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Ice figure skater

Graceful and fearless athlete

She glides across the ice at breakneck speed. Then she launches herself high into the air, spinning rapidly. Dizzy and disorientated she somehow has to land without breaking every bone in her body!

As a professional figure skater, Rose is completely fearless. She moves with a grace and composure that can only come from years of training on the ice. And those tight and toned abs don’t just magically appear. They’re irresistibly lick-able!

From Paris, France, 22 year-old Rose is also a practicing wrestler. That’s right, this little beauty could have you pinned to the floor in seconds. What she’ll do to you after that is anyone’s guess!

And it’s not just her honey coloured eyes and stunning looks that are so captivating. Rose is the sort of girl you just want to hang out with all day.

Relaxed and totally down-to-earth, she’s obviously not aware of just how drop dead gorgeous she is.

Rose beach art April 16th, 2015
Sand caked nude bodies are a turn off.
Beach Art?
This is the equivalent of dipping an apple in pond scum and calling that "Swamp Art"? The sand is such a buzz kill on such a beautiful state of being! Honey, yeah - Bath Water, Ooh Baby Yeah - Baby Oil, Hell-On-Fire-Yeah! dirty sand? You might as well strip her whole first layer of skin off and pass that as art - NO, HELL-NO, HELL-ON-FIRE NOOO!
Rose, you are a perfect french girl, lovely naughty
love a dirty girl! can I help you wash that off?
Rose body decor March 29th, 2015
Emerald green
Your panties emerald green... Turned me into a sex fiend... Your perfect brown eyes... Cannot disguise... The lust... That you must... Have inside. Keep posing some more... It is you I adore... When you off with your panties... And showed us your fancies... I howled like a wolf... In sheep's clothing. I wonder how near... A little boy's hearth can endear... To win you over... In a field of clover... And remember that day... As first time.
Rose feminine force March 6th, 2015
Out of this world!... Simply put, I adore, revere and bow (always will...) to this set. Rose, Peter, I thank thee. (Please!...) keep 'em coming! ;-)
Sexy & sleek nude goddess = LA ROSE.
Rose F F
Rose ne manque pas de piquant ...
As a professional photographer I must say it is perhaps the most original and fascinating nude portfolio I have ever seen or imagined. Nice work Mr. Hegre.
Incredible Rose
Always leaves me speechless and in rapture.
Rose Feminine Force
Thank you for another wonderful set; we just can't get enough of Rose. So fit and so sexy. She has an amazing physique and looks just wonderful. And wonderful photos too. Especially no. 2 and no. 44 in this set. Gorgeous. PLEASE lets have another movie of he??
Rose - Feminine Force
Superbly athletic body.
Rose rope February 22nd, 2015
Beautiful poses - great for art study
This set is excellent for gesture drawing exercises. Please do more sets with props that allow the model to shift her weight and achieve more active poses like this. This is awesome!
Twisted Teaser.
Would love to get tangled up with this knotty hottie!
Simply Impeccable
Simply IMPECCABLE is who she is! Very ARTISTICALLY professionally done!
Rosa rope
Simply perfect. Amazing : so beautiful and so erotic. I want to become a rope if it's the one you use !!
Rose aka "The Body"
Rose pours beauty, sexuality and unabashed heat into a crucible upon which her own ingredients smelt themselves creating a new alloy : Roseanthium. Wearing jewelry made from Roseanthium renders any woman irrestistable. Rumor has it that Cupids very arrowheads are cast from it.
Horrible !
Je ne comprendrais jamais ces filles qui détruisent leur corps avec d'aussi horribles tatouages...
Great! I love muscle tonded girls. More like this, please.
looks like the beginning of a Japanese rope bondage set. would love to see the ending!
Rose Form And Figure February 17th, 2015
J'ai adoré. Je suis très reconnaissant à Rose et Peter. Amazing film. Excellence in nudes : I agree. Completely.
Extremely elegant and beautiful.
You have captured the human figure at it's best; again. Amazing flexibility, Incredible poise and alluring gestures. Thank you
Extraordinarily Beautiful
Had me spellbound throughout.
Quite lovely
Wonderful musculature. Thank you.
Beautiful. Well done.
Excellent work. Congratulations both to Peter and to Rose :-) That is a teamwork of two artists creating a supreme piece of experience. What I especially like is the game of light and shadow, what is best experienced when body is rotating. Thank you both and keep the excellent work! :-)
save this one
So I assume that Petter said to himself, "hey Rose is so special that I've got to make my best video here." And that's what he did. This may be one of the very best of the century. Who knows for how many years it will be viewed....why would anyone ever delete it? Ever. I mean even if you just wanted a lesson on how to do lighting on the human form, this would be a perfect choice. I can't forget to mention that I love that Rose's sexuality isn't veiled. But of course the best part of this is her eyes.
well, I must say that was lovely! definitely one of the more artistic efforts on here, of late!
Nice work - so sexy Rose
Unreal video - one of the best !Nice artistic work with views from all angles and great lighting. Would like to see a similar video with another one of my favorite sexiest girls Rosie, Simone, Patti. Well done !
Rose - Form and Figure
A perfectly delightful sequence of aesthetically sensual movement. Almost a poem in motion.
Rose Form And Figure
Perfection!!! more of this PLEASE!the lighting is perfect.The way the shadows roll across the form as she dances. Rose is a perfect blend of beauty ,power and grace. You should shoot Flora this way...
A realy perfect body! Beautiful!!!
Rose form and Figure
Loved the close up filming of Rose. Almost stills but so much more to them because of the movement. Very clever. Rose is lovely. Now if you can just get some other models, such as Victoria!!, to do the same. PS Victoria should wax and not shave. Come on Victoria!