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Petra Profile

Name: Petra
Country: Czech Republic
Age: 20
Occupation: Student

Young and Seductive

Petra can be a bit confusing at first.

HER YOUNG age and milky white skin would have you believe she is a bit of a timid girl. However, once you get to know her you begin to realize there is nothing further from the truth. Petra has attitude, and when we say that we mean it in the best possible way. This 20 year old student has deep within her a seductive nature that few could match. Her bright red hair is a perfect symbol for the tiger that hides underneath a delicate and nearly flawless body.

Petra spent the day with Petter stumbling around naked in the apartment while he was visiting Prague. Her skinny little legs left no uncharted territory in the entire residence and she made it a point to test the waters out in the bath tub.

I think we can all be thankful for that as it did seem to cool down that fiery attitude of hers long enough to get in some gorgeous shots.

Petra bathing April 23rd, 2008
I love redheads and she's very hot maybe to much makeup maybe she does look into the camera alot but I like it ,I wana see more.
My favorite image
..the 2nd image on page 4 with her delicate foot in the foreground. I agree that this girl has a piercing stare, but she also has a really cute face with excellent bone structure.
In almost every picture Petra is making direct eye contact with the camera. She has very piercing eyes and it gets a little creepy after a while. Quit staring at me! Yes I'm thinking dirty thoughts!
Too much solarium and too much make-up!!!
Petra Red Hot August 14th, 2007
Red Hot Indeed!
Really enjoyed this one. Petra is definitely red hot. She has perfect breasts and the eyes that are difficult to say no to. Hope to see more of her in the near future.
Petra white tiles July 9th, 2007
Petra White Tiles
Petra is such a beautiful woman! It is a pity she looked so bored.
she has a glowing natural shape. Interesting colour choice.
Petra Red Passion May 23rd, 2006
I would love to see some these lovely girls with their pubic hair intact.
Red Passion
Absolutly, a sublime sensual red passion with a amazing body....my godess....more of PETRA...
film 177
a water goddess. What a beautiful woman.
Petra in bed January 12th, 2006
Petra is my fantasy
What an enticing woman! Her eyes are fantastic, and that white,flawless skin and hundreds of freckles on her perfect body. WOW!! One negative ...I prefer her natural hair colour, not the phony dyed colour.Petra is a unique, real red-head. Great photography, Petter.
I was partially wrong, a few weeks ago. Alexia is beautiful, but Petra is my favorite. Equally beautiful and charming. Too bad she does not live in Switzerland.