Petter directs heavy metal music video

Petter directs heavy metal music video

Accept it - there's a New World Comin'. If you love hard rock and fast cars - and men over 50 in leather :) - then check out this video on youtube: and be sure to support us with a "Like".

When Petter heard that his all-time favourite group Accept were back in the arena with new album "Blood of the Nations" he knew he had to be part of it. "It's not just the female figure that gets my attention" he said. "Muscle cars and heavy metal do it for me too".

The result was a meet at an abandoned Formula One racetrack near Barcelona. This vintage location needed a classic car. What's better than a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T? Especially one with a bronze skull welded to the hood for the occasion.

Using a team of 25 metal head volunteers, Petter created this video made for the fans. The group are currently in South America concluding their world tour. But you can catch them at various festivals in Europe during June.

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Posted by Rodney on May 10, 2011

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Oh..your metal fan too? thats so nice to hear! i like ACCEPT too, since the years they started to play!
like what i see
way to go! i like it!! loved when car passed through the band...and the feeling of speed..the whole music video gave me quite a rush!!
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