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Paris, Milan – now Barcelona and

Paris, Milan – now Barcelona and

Zaika has made a name for herself already in the hot competition of the fashion model’s world. And she did it all without the help of tricksy styling and make-up.

She has the kind of beauty that shines out as genuine. That is what she now brings to her first nude modelling sessions. She has got so much more to offer too. Zaika's personality is as genuinely warm and open as her physical charm. As if that weren't enough to put her at the top of her class, she is smart and bright too. Majoring in Japanese does not come easy to anyone from outside Japan but this Ukrainian beauty takes it all in her stride.

Now she has got a new world to conquer. She's off to a great start with the sessions already coming your way. Add her to your Autumn collection!

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Posted by Rodney on September 26, 2012

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Zaika - class and strength
Who is your talent scout? Give them a raise!

First the return of Flora, bringing all kinds of strength and unapologetic beauty and going beyond the more common (trying to seduce), now your have Zaika!

These woman with fashion experience and their rare, innate gift that leave you speechless when seeing them through the lens (I have experienced this myself) - are severely raising the quality of your work and this site.

Model's personalities are such an important part of what translates in a captured image, and I love that you seem to know that, and that becomes a large part of a shoot. Women are complex and wonderful and hopefully leave you with a sense of awe (just a bit) in a good way. As long as they don't use their powers for evil (Hopefully you get my humorous metaphor).

Continued success to the Herge team, and Ms. Zaika, Majoring in Japanese? I'm speechless. Success and happiness you. Thank you for sharing yourself with those of us not fortunate enough to be the one behind the camera.

Longtimefan and fellow shooter.
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