El Trío de Tailandia — Día Tres

Día Tres

Como hoy finalizaba el contrato con las modelos y no podía permitirme perder más tiempo después de los contratiempos de ayer, decidí improvisar un estudio en una de las cabañas junto a la playa para agilizar el trabajo. Con una sencilla sábana blanca conseguimos crear un estudio de imitación como los de Milán en plena Tailandia.

Al parecer la estrategia funcionó. Las chicas encontraron acogedor el ambiente de "estudio", con la brisa del océano haciendo las veces de máquina de viento mientras el flash no paraba de saltar. Se notaba un poco la tensión de ayer en el ambiente, y las rusas me lanzaban unas miradas que dejaban bien claro quién era el cabrón del equipo, pero lo más importante es que yo tenía mis fotos.

Tras la sesión en "estudio" salimos a explorar el entorno tropical y la playa privada, para gran regocijo de los pescadores locales que recogían conchas y cangrejos a poca distancia de nosotros en la marea baja.

Pero el día llegaba a su fin, las rusas se retiraron a sus aposentos con sus sonrisas al revés y yo pude sentarme a revisar todo el material. No había conseguido lo que me había propuesto por culpa del estrés y las dificultades, así que me ví obligado a hacer lo inevitable: pedirle a mi esposa que salvase la situación. Mañana podrán leer lo que pasó.


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Dude! Im feeling your pain about the Russian problem! I know exactly where your coming from as I've also had problems with Russian ladies! Its probably not fair to generalise too much but Russian women are from my experience utterly misserable and very uncompromising! I dont know why, personally i would of stuck the misserable lying idiot straight back on the plane at HER expense!
i had just cancelled my subscription now that i saw these massage clips i'm thinking of renewing these clips are perfect need to be longer and more touching two girls on one is great more massage clips!!!
EVI really hoter than hell
oh as i remember i really like EVI the german gril that is 18 man thats are body of a women ooooooooh man tell her i say hi lol:)
strange stuff to deal with
woo man its kinder strange but intresting that you will be haveing these problems after a contract sing,,, it seem that allot of people around the world dont really know whats a contract is and how to work by it,,, i am a musican and have been true people not dealing with the reality of a contract,, but i still love your job ha ha ha ha all the best bless oh and i have been on koh samui 6 times nice place
when do we get to see more of Lisa? The best I've seen on your site apart from Luba of course.
Kristina : Beautiful Face Beautiful eyes. Love her her golden clit ring. Hope to see many photo and HD videos of her.

Ruslana : She is tall.. maybe 6'3".

Lysa : She makes my jaw drop to the floor. Dying to see her photos and videos. Petter please publish Lysa's photos in a week or so.

Luba : She is an angel. Bond girl or no bond girl, Luba beats every girl hands down.Last photo of Luba is jaw dropping.

Petter Hegre : The luckiest guy on the planet. Period .
Hi Luba, Hi Petter
with all the problems you did a very fine excellent job. The photos are really excellent and the models are very sexy, especially the tall Ruslana - on screen. Off screen I would not like to meet the two with the Moscow Syndrome.
Keep up your excellent work and hoping to see more of the three and of cause of lovely Luba...
Successful Nonetheless
First of all, I have to disagree. I think 4.9 is the best of the Lubas. Moving along, to hell with the other two snots, Lysa looks amazing. Think of it this way: during the gold rush in the American west, there was often just one gold nugget amongst all the mud. So much time and energy went into finding as much gold as possible. But that one gold nugget was often worth a fortune, and well worth the blood, sweat and tears exerted in the discovery. Lysa is that gold nugget! She screams eroticism while the other two scream, "Me! Me! Me!" With two strikes against you in the bottom of the ninth, you hit a game-winning home run. Great find Petter!
Always look on the bright side - they could have been from Wigan, Hull, Peterhead, Macclesfield or Scunthorpe. But then you probably wouldn't have wanted to do any nude shoots or videos anyway.............. And you could have saved on the travel - Skegness would have been fine for the shoots (you could have used sticks of rock as props - zehr erotische!!) Remember - call me next time you want great girls and exotic locations!
Bond Girl
Hi Petter and Luba
I am really glad that day 4 was sort of a good ending of the Thailand trip. Like Gerry, I think photo 4.3 and the Bond Girl photo really look great and sexy. Thanks for the good work, and I am sure you have hundreds of additional photos and films of this day 4, playing husband and wife with Luba. So please share as many as you can with us. Thank you
Luba superstar
I think photo 4.3 is the sexiest ever view of Luba she looks even sexier than naked!! I hope your imported prima donnas were shamed by her beauty
So True
I agree with Ralph, Luba really did save the shoot. I think it is really sad that those girls were given the chance of a life-time in a beautiful paradise and they didn't just chill out and enjoy it. Luba looks stunning, just perfect. What a girl!!!!!
Luba Saves The Day
Thank God for Luba, showing those 2 wannabes how a true professional does it. Luba nobody does it better, you are the best!
Bond girl
I vote for Luba as the next Bond girl.
I like Luba's tits.
I can hardly believe these photos of Luba. They are just awesome. We have followed you for six years here on Hegre-Art and you are just getting more and more beautiful. What's your secret ?
The snaps are pretty awesome. Some times great things come of friction. Good luck. I think it is worth it.
One more comment
Hi again,
Are these girls just not smart enough to realize that a simple change of attitude would have made this an incredible get-away retreat not only for you but for themselves? Is it coincidence that the most attractive of the 3 is the one without the attitude?
My sympathies to you, Lysa, and all your crew. Do us all a favor and don't do any more work with Ruslana or Krista. Love to see more Lysa though. Also, never enough Alya!!!
i want more
Thailand trip
I like tall and slim models, like Ruslana, may be the next Thailand trip should have a mixture of new and existing favourites, like Ruslana accompany by Alya and Olga D.
Skinny girls and small tits is so beautiful. Love you angels ;*
to "tolman"
hi "tolman". if I were in a big model metropolitan like milan or buenos aires I would have dropped these trouble makers instantly and had them replaced, but on a small island in the indian ocean, and you don't want this complete investment to go to waste, one have to swallow a few camels and try to make the best out of it.
My envy has abated
I used to envy you your occupation. Reading of your difficulties with these models it is clear I would not have the patience. I would have explained their contractual obligations to them only once. When next they refused to participate I would have explained that they were in breach of contact, would not be paid and could get themselves home where they would find papers waiting for them explaining the suit to recoup expenses incurred due to their breach. Though all three are beautiful, Ruslana stunningly so, I for one would as soon not see the two Russian girls on your site. It would be as though you were rewarding them for being difficult to work with.
You are a better man than I.
what a shame. you can see in the short film clips on the beach that there is a bad atmosphere. last years thailand with anna s and friends looked like so much fun as well. i hope things got better as the trip continued
Keep the check on Czechs
Your Czech girl Lysa looks serious about nude modelling, the others not. Give 'em the dosvidaniya flick I say if they are not going to make the website. Anyway, look forward to more of Lysa ....... with Luba maybe?
Thai Taboo
What a great story so far, definitely an unexpected challenge there. I like the look of the new models and look forward to seeing more.
yum yum, ruslana and lysa look delicious. not too keen on the other model but 2 out of 3 aint bad!
Petter I hope all your troubles with the models are resolved. Would also love to see more shots of Luba from this trip.
Petter, your travel section is excellent. I love hearing about the production and seeing these naturalistic snaps and film teasers. Hegre-Art continues to be a top quality and unique website. Congratulations and keep up the good work for us.
Will there be any pics of Luba in Thailand? I hope so
I can't wait to see more of Lysa
Hey. I'm liking the model with the piercing, very nice indeed.
Petter , my god!!!! I can't believe one of the models didn't expect to get naked. Can't wait to see how this unfolds.
Hello Petter...I'm curious as to how you finally resolved the issue with the newly married Russian model...?
Very nice indeed, and Thailand looks ok too!
Wish I could be there
Love this section. Just wish I was there and could hang out. Great story, can't wait to hear what is going to happen tomorrow...
Acerca de Tailandia
Datos sobre El Trío de Tailandia

En Tailandia se respira la suave fragancia de las especies orientales; los monjes budistas visten sus togas de color azafrán y recitan mantras en los monasterios, y al paserase por las calles las dulces chicas orientales hacen revolotear sus sarongs de vivos colores como pájaros exóticos.

El peso de la tradición es muy fuerte en Tailandia, pero sus costumbres antiguas conviven sin problema con el vertiginoso ajetreo de la vida moderna. Más allá del confinamiento de las ciudades hay archipiélagos de islas desiertas y playas tropicales orladas de palmeras. Tailandia, el lugar más visitado de todo el Sureste Asiático, ofrece una mezcla embriagante de paisajes arrebatadores, tradiciones espirituales, ruinas históricas, comida sabrosa y, por supuesto, la tristemente famosa hospitalidad tailandesa.

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