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RÉVOLUTION ORANGE  — Réjouissances à vie

Réjouissances à vie

Cette journée a elle aussi été productive... et une nouvelle fille très sexy a passé notre porte.

8 heures de train pour passer le casting et faire montre de son corps svelte de ballerine devant l’appareil ; Alya était timide au début, mais j’ai l’habitude de ça et elle a vite oublié sa nudité et a fait des poses d’acrobate impressionnantes que je sais vous saurez apprécier lorsqu’elle apparaitra dans les mises à jour dans quelques semaines.

Au moment où j’allais envoyer le récit du jour, un agent est arrivé avec la plus grande fille que j’ai photographiée jusque-là : vous pouvez la voir dans les photos du jour en culotte rouge. Elle fait 1m86, a 19 ans et fait partie de l’équipe du saut en hauteur des Jeux Olympiques. Son record personnel est de 1m82. Je l’ai bookée pour demain, et lui ai demandé d’apporter sa petite tenue de saut moulante afin que nous puissions nous rendre compte comment diable elles arrivent à se défaire de ces trucs-là, alors restez dans le coin.

Vous autres fans de Zoya nous inondant de demandes pour une nouvelle séance avec elle, vous avez été entendue. Luba l’a bookée pour demain aussi. Il faudra que j’achète un sac d’oranges. Ça va être la fête.

Récit de Petter à Kiev

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Middle East girls
can u actually get pix of those amzing women from the Middle east? U will be my hero !!!
She is gorgeous
Let's see the beautiful girls of Iraq. How about Afghanistan? If you can do that, I'll become a member! --James
Can we see more of beautiful Susha? She is stunning!
nice to viewing hegre-archives
I like all the models and all the naked photo
Nina... she leaves me absolutely stunned. Terrific! Ukrainian girls are very pretty... I want to move to Ukraine!!!
Zoya! I cannot wait for more of her. Thank you very much for having another shoot with her... I am also very interested to see Kusha in all her glory... one update a day is still not enough :( Thanks Petter and Luba, you're doing a great job :)
Where is Kusha! We want more of this incredible girl! orange is not just the colour of a great footbal team! (& I dont mean Shaktar Donetsk!)
Wow,this is very good...
Absolutt underholdning
Hei Petter. Godt nyttår! Lever lenge på det som er gratis på siden.Er student på UMB, så må prøve å spare opp til et medlemskap en dag. Må få si at du gjør en svært god jobb. Elsker bildene dine.De er så klare og vakre.Du viser mye ironi og abstrakthet i dine bilder, ikke bare det erotiske aleine.Supert! Stå på. Håper du blir mer kjent hjemme i Norge. Alle bør vite hvem du er! Vh Ole
how can i get one of the TAK t-shirts?
Some Ukranian gems !
I am certianly looking forward to seeing some of these gorgeous Ukranian women shorty, esp Kusha, Lolika and the curvy young lady from Jan 1 in pics 3, 4, & 5. And Wow ! doesn't Nadya look amazing (Luba too of course)in her red corset esp with the skirt worn 'off the hip' - so sexy !!!
New Beauties
Cool I'm looking forward to the hi-res versions of Lolika and Kusha, they look great. We hope you also make some nice videos with them. Happy New Year to you and Luba, and Nadya Eddie
Muy buena fotografia !!!!!!!!! De Primera calidad
I hope it will be the girl on picture 7, 8, 9 and 10!
You have a wonderful collection of exeptionally beautiful women. But I believe you should be more generous with free photos for those of us who cannot afford your monthly subscription.
What can I say about Nina - Fabulous! Beautiful body and face and Sensational eyes! Is she singele :-) Gratulerer med ny fantastisk model!
gracias y felicidades
petter and luba : recibe from mexico the wishhes of a very happy year. thanks
choices, choices, choices!
Since it's impossible to pick just one... Day 2: 3/4 and 13/14/15 Day 3: #6 The Red Duet!! Day 4: 3/4 and 16/17/18
Pretty Russian Women
I would tell the men out there that do not be fooled by the Russian Agencies, 99% of the russian women in these ads are scams. frequently you will actually be corresponding with a man who has secured a great photo of a russian girl...this is a business in russia and the profit is very, very high considering the investment and the fantasy they are exploiting of lonely american men with some money.
They are really outstanding. CONGRATS!!
Special thanks!!
I send to Hegre, Luba and the Hegre's team a very happy new year for 2005, from Paris!! Congratulation for your works!! Thank you for your artistic talent... See you.
Jan 3: guess who?
I bet it'll be second girl in the top row. :)
oh god
god must be grazy
day 2 number 14
I would love to see the pic titled day2_14 posted in the hi-res members section along with a lot more of this model. Thanks
Please show us the girl with the blue-jeans of day 1. She looks so beautuful.
Happy new year
Have a nice year... Real beautiful girls for the 2005, when i have some time i sure travel to ukraine. Regards from Chile
Petter!! You have to get the photo's of this girl up ASAP!! She is amazing!! Thanks :)
Wow, I look forward to seeing Kushas pictures! I hope Petter will use his high-resolution camera...
this is very good
real beauties
now it seems that being a photographer is the best possible profession in the world: traveling around the world, meeting beauties, introducing them to the rest mankind as a great contribution, and marrying the most marry-worthy woman in the world!--of course I mean Luba, isn't she marvellous! Only a few, or even very few among all the models here could be her match, and no more than that! Master Photographer, congratulations on your wisest choice! You really have a sharp eye for true beauty!
congrats to the ukrainian people. amazing what happens when people take a stand.
Una sola palabra resume todo ¡EXCELENTE!!
Happy new year Ukraine
Happy new year Ukraine and Ukranian people and firdt girls ! Kisses
welcome to kishinev
Petter, where we see you in Kishinev? You worked in Romania and Ukraine - so take a shot at between these two countries! Moldova is a difficult target (just becouse our country is so small) but it worth for hunting :) Why, our girls are most beautyful in all trans-Balkan region, didn't you know? :) Wnen you mix such bloods as romanian, russian, ukrainian, bulgar, jewish in the one people and when you do it for a coulpe of centuries - you will have a great result if we speak about girl's beauty :) We are waiting!
ukraninian girls are the most beautiful
... girl # 1
I really hope you'll give us some more pictures of girl # 1 day two. A darkhaired beaty with a kind of cleopatric look ... really beautiful!!!
Nice work, love the body studies. Why go to agents when there are so many girls looking for something out on the streets? Posting a want ad on the university bulletine boards will get a huge response. My X-wife is from Kiev and I've been been there. The downtown Mc Donalds on Krushatic is a fashion show on Fri. & Sat. nights. Supermodel-types everywhere. With a little money and a little Russian it could be a photog's paradise. I boy could have a lot of fun there.
A propos de Ukraine
Faits à propos de RÉVOLUTION ORANGE

Pendant des millénaires, l’Ukraine a été dominée par les Mongoles, les Russes, les Polonais et même par les Cosaques et les Lituaniens. Les envahisseurs sont venus à tour de rôle mais le peuple est resté courageux et déterminé dans son désir de liberté.

L’indépendance a finalement vu le jour en 1991, mais ce ne fut que fin 2004 que les manifestations pacifiques massives surnommées la Révolution Orange ont forcé les autorités à renverser les élections présidentielles truquées afin de permettre un vote surveillé qui a placé le réformiste Viktor Yushchenko au pouvoir.

L’Ukraine est le grenier de l’ancienne Union Soviétique et a le potentiel nécessaire pour devenir une des nations les plus prospères et puissantes de la nouvelle Europe. Selon Petter Hegre, les plus belles filles du monde se trouvent en ce pays.

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