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Back to the Familiar

Back to the Familiar

For Petter, going to Kiev is always a kind of homecoming. After all, he is part of the family in this warm and hospitable country. A home away from home, Kiev has become his adopted homeland thanks in large part to Luba.

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The Ukraine rests at the center of several countries in Eastern Europe; bordering the black sea there is Poland and Romania in the west and Russia in the East.

Diversity and Strength remain at the countries core.

Lubas family embraces the two of them with the warmth and hospitality that is typical of what can only be considered a big hearted country. When one walks the streets of Kiev you can literally smell the old style hospitality waiting behind every shop window, and every street corner. Traveling can normally be such a lonely adventure, but for Petter Hegre, Kiev is quite the opposite. Here he is family.

While there, Petter spends his days working with Luba to shoot the worlds finest beauties who live behind the city walls, and then, by night, he enjoys great home cooking and a vibrant family atmosphere. It isnt glitter and glamour, but in many ways it is so much more fruitful. Good food, friendly people, and beautiful girls - what could be better?

So come along as Petter Hegre shares some images of this Ukrainian homecoming with you!

Around The World
Around The World

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