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Purr | Thaïlande Galeries : 19
Photo de Purr


Photo de Purr
Nom: Purr
Pays: Thaïlande
Poids: 38kg
Taille: 146cm
Age: 23
Profession: Etudiante


Comment encastrer une personnalité si forte dans un corps si menu ? La femme à qui demander c'est Purr car elle a percé le mystère pour faire cela.

Elle est la plus petite de nos mannequins, 1m46, ce qui lui donne un genre bien à elle. Elle s'est forgée un style intrigant de manga Tokyo et de relax Los Angeles. Cette nana de Bangkok de 23 ans est vraiment internationale.

Il est mieux de ne pas se frotter à Purr. Elle donne cette impression de chaton avec ses gros yeux bleus dans ce visage de bébé. Mais elle sait s'affirmer comme besoin est. Elle fait des études de gestion hôtelière, et est heureuse d'accueillir autrui chaleureusement. Mais dans ses règles, le client n'est pas toujours roi. Si vous ne la respectez pas, ça risque de barder. C'est une femme qui s'est s'occuper d'elle même.


Purr Thai or partie 3 | March 5th, 2014
Purr Thai or partie 3
wheeler Etats Uni

oh yes! been way too long since we've seen this little bundle of joy! more please!

Pog Thailande

Please ask purr to join the web cam girls

Akerfeldt Mexique

Sorry but I don't enjoy this model at all =S too different from your other models and a lot of grades below them...

Lovemuscle Nouvelle Zélande

Purr Wow! Amazingly hot! Please make a film of her masterbating with only her fingers.

Purr coucher de soleil partie 2 | August 11th, 2013
Purr coucher de soleil partie 2
meonhere Royame Uni

The day after Maybe it's just me but I'm not a fan of photosets where the model has this look about her. I'm talking about bloodshot eyes and looking for all the world as if the shoot was done after a late night's partying. She looks tired and as if she would rather be sleeping that hangover off. I don't like it.

wheeler Etats Uni

still love this little lady! :)

Sam C Etats Uni

I like to see Purr in this pose, but this gallery is too repetitive, no need to save more than 6 to 8 pictures. Watching Purr play with herself into an explosive orgasm would be an excellent video; Peter missed the proverbial golden opportunity.

Pixie Royame Uni

Purr-fect I love this girl.The best petite, sexy, exotic model on the site in my opinion, bar none! - I like everything about this young lady, her short hair, her lovely eyes, hard nipples, bare feet and shaved pussy. We need a video of her masturbating please.

Purr toucher ThaÏ | July 8th, 2013
Purr toucher ThaÏ
willypete Etats Uni

Wow, love seeing Purr's excitement.

Laurie Royame Uni

creme de la creme The Purrfect hors d'oeuvre, simply delicious...

Pixie Royame Uni

Another lovely set - and Purr appears to be cumming in a few of these shots? Would love to see a video / film of her masturbating please?

pukkie Royame Uni

Purr Beautiful Body Another beautiful set. Purr is purrfect in every way. Beautiful breast with lovely rock hard nipples, and a beautiful cum soaked pussie. Purr must always be highly turned on doing these shots. Love to see Purr in a video having a nice sexual massage being done by a beautiful naked masseuse.

Max Australie

Absolutely Stunning Purr is gorgeous, small, feminine, beautifull skin, lovely facial expressions ... yes definately need a film .. please, please, please

Maurice France

Très jolie Purr Purr est très belle,elle a un jolie visage et un corps magnifique,quand je regarde ses photos je suis comme dans un rève.

Purr soie thaï | June 10th, 2013
Purr soie thaï
Laurie Royame Uni

Purrfect Pout Imagine the musky scent of her engorged vulva arousing your senses, the taste of her sultry sex as your mouth swallows her sticky sensuousness. Your tongue seeking ever deeper decadent pleasures...

Big Al Etats Uni

Most explicit Purr gallery yet! I like to look at Purr posing this way. And I have a fondness for exotic East Asian ladies.

Variable-43 Etats Uni

The glistening of her greasy bottom hole is quite alluring...

pixie Royame Uni

I love this set of Purr. Her pussy is a welcome sight indeed! More please and soon.

Purr piscine Bangkok | May 13th, 2013
Purr piscine Bangkok
wheeler Etats Uni

naked wet purr...what could be better??? only a video!!! looks like she got a little chill there on pic #53!

Pixie Royame Uni

More Purr please!

pukkie Royame Uni

Purr Beautiful Body I am so in love with Purr. Such a beautiful body. Beautiful breast and stand hard nipples. Hope that there will be a video of her soon.

Laurie Royame Uni

Fucking Purrfect I would love to nibble her exquisite nipples...

Purr ciel Thaï | April 28th, 2013
Purr ciel Thaï
wheeler Etats Uni

lovely views...front and back

pukkie Royame Uni

Purr Beautiful Body Purr has a fantastic body. She has superb breast and lovely hard nipples. I can dream about Purr 24 hours a day. Hope purr is going to be in a video soon. Love to see her make one where she has her nipples teased all the time. I am certainly purring.

Pixie Royame Uni

I concur with all pukkie's comments. Plus I would add Purr's feet and bottom are also superb. This girl is my fav!

Jwjeffrey Etats Uni

Purr I would love to see some nipple play between Valerie and Purr

Purr menus Thaï | April 10th, 2013
Purr menus Thaï
wheeler Etats Uni

I just cant get enough of this little bundle of sexiness!!! looks like she was having a good time!lol

Pixie Royame Uni

Another lovely set set - you could hang your coat on this girl's nipples!

Purr chaton | March 21st, 2013
Purr chaton
flashblack Australie

Purr what a beautiful arse

Byron1820 Australie

RE: Photo number 10 Really lovely shot - just the 10% of that lovely shaved pussy to tantalise . . . very sexy indeed; she has the most ravishing little body!

wheeler Etats Uni

this sexy kitty definitely makes me purr! :P

Pixe Royame Uni

Dare I say it - this could well be the best Purr set yet? Especially like the shots of her gently holding her buttocks open so we can see her delectable anus. I can't get enough of this petite, exotic young lady. Please, please can we had a video /film and soon?

Purr vue de Bangkok | March 9th, 2013
Purr vue de Bangkok
wheeler Etats Uni

lovin this little cutie more and more! dying to see her on video!!!

pixie Royame Uni

Another great Purr set! - More please + a video of this lovely.

geert Allemagne

Purr ansicht Hallo Purr, herrlich deine saftige Möse. weiter so geil.

Batka Mongolie

asian diamond She is so cute. Just asian diamond.

Purr or Thaï partie 2 | February 22nd, 2013
Purr or Thaï partie 2
Pixie Royame Uni

Another lovely set of this very special girl with those striking eyes. When will get a video / film of Purr? She is now one of my favs!

Purr passion | February 9th, 2013
Purr passion
wheeler Etats Uni

cant get enough of this little cutey!!!

Pixie Royame Uni

I love this girl. Her hard nipples, the soles of her bare feet, her anus and her shaved pussy are 'purrfect'! More please and soon. Plus, can we have a video / film of her in action?

Max Australie

Fantastic The choice of the curved lounge is genius, it accents and mimics her fantastic curves. Just simply a beautiful girl and a well orchestrated set. More please.

Purr ville de Bangkok | January 28th, 2013
Purr ville de Bangkok
wheeler Etats Uni

PURRRRR... indeed!!! cant get enough of this little cuty! (I'm waiting for the title of this set to spark some jokes from your audience!lol)

Guest Etats Uni

Purr BangKok in the city! can't get enough of this cutie :)

Pixie Royame Uni

Love this girls' bare feet, love her hard nipples, love her shaved pussy. Please, please can we have a video film of her to enjoy?

ktz Suisse

Purr super woman, more pictures of Purr. Peter please more more asia girls.

Big Swede Suède

Nope It's too much asian now. And please give us some other guys...same same

sandy Royame Uni

a Purrrfect choice!! Purr would be a purrfect choice for a multi orgasmic massage preferably in the gyno chair. Wow the possibilities are endless, I can't get this cuty out of my mind along with Noody

Purr enthousiaste | January 22nd, 2013
Purr enthousiaste
wheeler Etats Uni

love this sexy kitten more every time! thank you for a nice look at your fine rear end!

Kevin Etats Uni

Just a hot little thing

rick Etats Uni

why? Please post more galleries of Valerie.. Most of your members and I would agree that Valerie is the reason why we joined this site.

Pixie Royame Uni

Another lovely set. Video / film of this cute model please!

Purr douche ensoleillée | January 14th, 2013
Purr douche ensoleillée
wheeler Etats Uni

gotta say it...VIDEO PLEASE!!!

roger Etats Uni Beautiful model, a tomboy with the face of a pug. She is my new favorite! I'm so amazed that you found her. She is amazing!!

Pixie Royame Uni

Yes, this set is lovely as were the others, but I agree with, Wheeler, in that we need a video / film of Purr please.

so purrfect Etats Uni

image 17 god damn i would lick her for days

Jim Etats Uni

The last few images of the set, with purr face down, fully stretched out and those incredibly sexy wet, wrinkly bare soles facing the camera in full view are some of your best work! Asian girls always have such smooth sexy bare feet!

Purr la fièvre des doigts | January 5th, 2013
Purr la fièvre des doigts
wheeler Etats Uni

Purr is lovely...the set is a bit monotonous.would work better in a video.

Pixie Royame Uni

I can't get enough of this girl! Each new set seems to me to be better than the last...? Purr's nipples are nice and hard and her pussy is lovely and wet...More please.

Major Marvel Australie

Purr finger fever It is perfectly understandable that Purr would want to finger herself. I certainly would. And the glimpse of clit is very much appreciated.

Purr crépuscule au lit partie 1 | December 30th, 2012
Purr crépuscule au lit partie 1
TuriyaRaver Australie

We need a video! Of this beauty bringing herself to orgasm ASAP.

Max Australie

Purrfect I just love Thai women, beautiful skin, beautiful features, small and petite. Purr is a perfect example.

wheeler Etats Uni

very nice! love the use of natural light and shadow!eagerly awaiting part 2!

Pixie Royame Uni

Of the four Purr sets, this is now my favourite - More please!+ Yes, I agree with TuriyaRaver - in that I would love to see a video movie of this young lovely masturbating.

ailefroide Belgique

Purr Great discovery for me ...

Purr fantasme | December 22nd, 2012
Purr fantasme
wheeler Etats Uni

lovin this lady more and more! cant wait to see her in motion!

KOMET Etats Uni

ALL FELINE - PURR Having recently emerged from being a petite and densely furry she-tabby, PURR avidly explores her new woman's body, fully nude and free.

Pixie Royame Uni

Best ever Purr! The best of the three Purr sets by far - In fact one of the best photo sets ever in my opinion. Purr has the most perfect soles of her feet and her anus is the stuff that dreams are made of. She is one sexy girl. More please...

love Etats Uni

how could a man not want a piece of that Devine Beauty!!!

variable-43 Etats Uni

Luscious Bottom Purr's sweet little bottom is begging for a quick tasting and a hard that up a little, won't you?

Ronronnement Thaï en or partie ! | December 12th, 2012
Ronronnement Thaï en or partie !
d1mobeta Etats Uni

That SMILE! To be such a small woman, your smile says you have a gigantic heart! Just the expression on your face is enough to fill me up. That beautiful smooth skin, those perky little titties, those shapely hips and that audacious butt! Please Pt 2 and fast!

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: That SMILE! well said!

Sandy Royame Uni

Purrrrrrrrrrfect!!!!!!!!! I would like to see a lot more of Purr and those other delicious girls from the Asian side of the world. You had a little Japanese model flurry a while back, which I miss, now it would be good for a Thai one. She is a petite package that makes you want to pick her up and devour her. More more more please.

KOMET Etats Uni

ENTRE PURR - LA FEMME With the flash of a wand, what was, moments earlier, a large and playful tawny-furred kitten with a bushy tail, is now a fully nude and petit Woman with feline eyes. SHE IS PURR

Guest Etats Uni

So wet! Beautiful eyes, lovely smile & wet pussy! Totally in heaven :)

Rez Etats Uni

delightul! There is that wonderful Thai smile and playfulness I saw when I was there earlier this year. The Thai sessions make me want to get back there soon. Keep it up and let us see more models from around that region.

Pixie Royame Uni

Morr Purr Another really nice set of this cute girl. More Purr please! Let us have a video film of this young lovely too, please if we may. I would just love to see this young lady massaged by either a male or female masseur, I don't mind which!

Ronronnement | December 3rd, 2012
wheeler Etats Uni

purrrrr...WOOF!!! pant!! pant!! pant!!!! another winner! cant wait to see more!

KOMET Etats Uni

ด้วยความยินดี PURR! GRROWL!!! PURR is a veritable dynamo with her bubbly & sparkling spirit, matched with a petite, firm, and sexy body. May she go from strength to strength, fully nude and free.

John Royame Uni

Amazing looking girl. Looking forward to more.

Timmy Etats Uni

Meow! Oh my god, I want that kitten for my very own! lol, By far one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen!

d1mobeta Etats Uni

Purr She's Purrrfectly Beautiful in her own little way! Please MORE, FAST, & IN POOL WATER, BED, OR JUST PLAIN OILED DOWN!

Delicious Etats Uni

That little woman is delicious, look at those hard nipples!!!

Alya Ukraine

Purrrrrrrr She has something unforgettable in her eyes!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Allemagne

Blue eyes Her blue contact lenses are inappropriate.

Pixie Royame Uni

Purr Purr is a lovely cute, petite young lady with a very sexy body. I especially love her eyes, nipples and feet ... and her short haircut. She is purr-fect! One of the most beautiful nude girls I have seen.

darth neo République de Corée

make her purr.. She is very beautiful, I would like to see Fabi give her a tantra massage, just seeing Fabi rubbing her body on Purr would be one of the best massage scenes on this site. I love Thai women especially their massages...

roboslop Etats Uni

this girl is awesome, would like to see gallery of her sitting on a inflatable chair all oiled up.

ailefroide Belgique

Purr Something unforgettable ... (Alya.) I agree (not only in her eyes !)

ailefroide Belgique

Purr introduction Never seen before ... Be happy.